What You Should Know About Having A Gluten Free Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe

gluten free cut out sugar cookie recipe

Making the perfect gluten free cut out sugar cookie can prove difficult. From the materials needed, the tips to follow, and the recipe itself, you need to have some knowledge before attempting these cookies. Do you make the cookies crisp or soft and chewy? How do you cut it out? Yes, you’ll use a gluten free flour, but how do you do it? What toppings do you use? We discuss what you should know about having a gluten free cut out sugar cookie recipe.

Tips To Making The Perfect Gluten Free Cut Out Sugar Cookie

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Know what flour to use: You should make use of flour with binder such as xanthan gum. Gluten free flour that are recipe ready, or measure for measure are recommended. You shouldn’t use simple gluten free flour like coconut or almond flour. These flours don’t come with binder, hence will need a lot of moisture or liquid when used in a gluten free recipe.

Give the dough enough time to chill: You should leave the dough for several hours, preferably overnight. This makes it easier to cut the rolled dough with cookie cutter, hence your work becomes easier.

Frost the cookie before decorating: Your gluten free cut out sugar cookie will come perfect if you frost it before decorating. You can use vanilla frosting or any other of your choice.

Steps To Making The Gluten Free Cut Out Sugar Cookie

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Add softened salted butter and white sugar in a large bowl, then mix thoroughly with an electric or a hand held mixer;

When the mixture turns yellow, add one egg and continue mixing until thoroughly mixed;

Add another egg and repeat the mixing process until the eggs completely combine with the mixture;

You can then add in vanilla extract to the resulting mixture;

Note that the sides of the bowl should be scraped down;

In another bowl, mix the gluten free flour, binder, baking powder and salt;

Then divide this mixture into 3 parts, and add each part, one after the other, to the butter mixture whilst ensuring they completely combine;

Divide the resulting dough in half, and then wrap each half in plastic wrap;

Refrigerate each half for a long period to completely chill;

Place an half of the dough on parchment paper, and place another parchment paper on top;

You should then use cookie cutters on the dough and ensure that the cut out dough completely separates from the remaining dough;

Bake the pieces of cut out dough for 10 min at 350 degrees, then freeze for 5 minutes;

Allow the cookies to completely cool, frost and decorate the cookies, and then serve.


Gluten free cut out sugar cookie recipe needs you to know and understand the recipe for you to make the perfect gluten free cookies. You need to know some tips,and the steps you should take to make these cookies. Hence, we discuss all you should know about the cookie recipe.

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