Vegan Sugar-Free Cake Recipe To Satiate Your Sugar Cravings

vegan sugar free cake recipe

Enjoying a cake is not something everyone can do; health issues like diabetes can restrict one from eating too many sweets. A Vegan sugar-free cake recipe is perfect for all those who are worried about their blood sugar level.

This sugar-free cake is delicious and healthy. You can bake it in no time; scroll up to see the full recipe here.

Vegan Sugar-Free Cake Recipe

A piece of cake on a plate

You might be wondering how it would taste, will it come out perfect as regular cake. Don’t worry; the ingredients are almost the same (only healthy versions are used), so it would be an, as usual, piece of heaven. The only difference is instead of using dairy products like milk; we are using plant-based milk.

Besides this, we will be using natural sugar instead of refined one. Sugar that comes from fruits is not harmful and doesn’t increase blood sugar levels as added sugar does. The choice of ingredients is up to you; for example, you can prefer chickpea flour instead of wheat flour.

This would add more density and flavor to the cake. You can even use both in the same quantity if you are concerned about the taste. And to make it naturally sweet, you can use fruits, carrots, sweet potatoes, or bananas. We are using sweet potatoes here.

Note down the list of ingredients below and follow the step-by-step procedure of the vegan sugar-free cake recipe.

Ingredients For Cake

A piece of chocolate cake on a plate

• Wheat flour- 2 cup

• Vanilla- 2 tbsp

• Baking soda and baking powder- 1 tsp each

• Unsweetened cocoa powder- half cup

• Date paste- 1 cup

• Milk (almond/coconut/soy) – 1-1/4 cup

• Apple cider vinegar- 1 tbsp

• Applesauce- ¾ cup

• Sea salt- half tsp

 Ingredients For Frosting

• Vanilla- 1 tbsp

• Cocoa powder- half cup

• Plant milk- ¼ cup

• Almond butter- half cup

• Sweet potato (cooked and peeled) – 1 cup

• Dates- ¾ cup

Recipe Of Vegan Sugar-Free Cake

Prepare cake and frosting separately. Instructions for the vegan sugar-free cake recipe are here.

· Set the oven at 350 degrees F for preheating; meanwhile, make the fresh date paste. Blend 1 cup of dates (remove the seed) with ¾ cup of water in a processor for the paste.

· Take a big bowl and add the rest of the dry ingredients and mix well.

· In a second bowl, mix all the wet ingredients, including date paste

· Mix the ingredients of two bowl and combine well

· Take a silicone baking pan and add parchment paper to it. Transfer the cake batter and bake for half an hour.

· Once the cake is done, take the pan out from the oven and leave it aside for cooling

Last Words

Now, make the frosting with sweet potatoes and the remaining ingredients. Blend them all till a smooth paste gets ready. Decorate the cake with frosting and enjoy it.

Even though the cake is sugar-free, eat only a few servings to keep the glucose level within a safe limit. The cake is even perfect for kids.

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