Sugarfree Diet

Sugarfree Diet

Sugarfree diet is not a very healthy diet. When we cut all sugar from our food, we are cutting on mostly everything. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, eggs, alcohol, etc all contain sugar. A sugarfree diet leaves us with very few options to eat. In today’s lifestyle, we are consuming sugar, both knowingly and unknowingly. Excessive sugar in the diet leads to many health problems, heart diseases, and obesity, to name a few.

Sugarfree Diet: Side Effects

Sugarfree Diet
  • Depression– one common symptom of quitting sugar is depression. Low mood with a lack of happiness in life.
  • Anxiety– when one decides to quit sugar, one experiences nervousness, irritability. Patience level also reduces.
  • Sleep patterns change–  one can find it very hard to sleep when detoxing from sugar.
  • Low concentration level- it seems hard to concentrate on life on work.
  • Craving for unhealthy food– when one leaves sugar, he/she not only craves for sugar but for another kind of unhealthy foods too.
  • Headache– one most common symptom of quitting sugar is feeling low with a continuous headache.
  • Feeling of tiredness– quitting sugar also results in a feeling of fatigue. One keeps feeling low in energy level.

Beating The Side Effects Of Sugarfree Diet

  • If you have stopped the sugar intake, try and stick to it. Stop having processed food and artificial sweeteners too. Try and cut all the forms of sugar. Sooner or later, your body will get adapted to a sugar-free diet.
  • Try adding proteins to your diet. It will not let you feel low. And will also stop unnecessary cravings for unhealthy food.
  • Increase the intake of fiber, which can be easily digested. It will help stay full and will avoid sugar detox side effects like headaches and feeling low on energy.
  • Increase drinking water. Mostly the urge of having water is related to craving or hunger. Sometimes only a glass of water can make you feel full. It will help to stay energetic and will make you feel better.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners also- once you are on a sugar-free diet, avoid sweeteners like stevia, honey, syrups, etc.

Some Important Do’s When On A Sugarfree Diet

Sugarfree Diet
Sugarfree Diet
  • Exercise- Regular exercise will help to keep the body relaxed and energetic. It will help to lower down stress levels. When one is in stress, one only craves for food. And we tend to overeat and eat unhealthily. Exercise helps to stop unnecessary cravings.
  • Manage stress– when we learn to manage stress, we generally then tend to eat normal and eat healthily. When in pressure, one craves for sweets. Go for a walk, engage your self in something or the other.
  • Take a sip of green tea, green coffee or greens you like– sipping on greens helps to stay fit and healthy.  When you sip greens, you tend to eat less and have low cravings for sugar. Have a cup of spinach extracts is helpful in cutting down unnecessary cravings.
  • Take good 8 hours sleep– when we exercise daily and workout daily. Our body gets tired, and we can get the right amount of sleep.


Cutting down on added sugar in the food is an excellent idea. It’s an effective way to stay fit and healthy. If we cut down sugar entirely from the diet, it will be difficult initially. But sooner, the body will get adapted to a sugar-free diet. Excessive sugar intake results in heart diseases, obesity, high cholesterol levels, and dental problem. To get rid of all these problems, one should go step by step in cutting down sugar from the diet. 

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