Sugar-Free Syrup

Sugar-free Syrup

In today’s time, people are getting more and more conscious and responsible for their state of overall well-being. And nutrition plays a significant role in maintaining that. Therefore, people are turning to healthier alternatives for regular food. Another thing that’s trending nowadays is the sugar-free diet. A sugar-free diet limits the possible intake of processed or artificial sugars. The primary sources of sugar are dessert, soda drinks, and candy bars. But this way, one might have to compromise with their favorite desserts or sweet dishes. So, the name of sugar-free syrup comes into play. A large variety of different flavors of sugar-free syrups is available in the market.

Sugar-free Syrup
Sugar-Free Syrup

Recipe Of Sugar-Free Syrup

The recipe can easily be made in the home with some simple ingredients. This sugar-free syrup is usable in several dishes in place of sugar.


  • 6 oz erythritol low carb sweetener
  • 6 oz water
  • ⅛ tsp agar or gelatin

Preparation and Cooking

  •  In a cooking pan, mix water and low carb sweetener. Continuously stir the mixture to dissolve the ingredients on a low flame.
  • After a little while, add the agar for a slightly thick consistency.
  • When slightly thickened, remove the pan from the flame. Let it cool.
  • For the flavored syrup, use herbs and fruits. Dip the fruit or herb for a little while in the hot syrup. Strain the syrup in a while.
  • There is another way to make a fruit-flavored sugar-free syrup. Just add pieces of the desired fruit in hot syrup. Mash the fruit pieces in 4-5 minutes. Then strain the syrup in a separate container and store it.
Sugar-free Syrup
Sugar-Free Syrup

Best Brands Of Sugar-free Syrups

  1. Pyure Organic Maple Flavoured Syrup: Contains the sweetest stevia leaf but does not contain any chemicals.
  2. Maple Grove Farms Vermont Sugar-free Syrup: This company has a history of around 100 years. The syrups are low in calories and high in Vitamin B.
  3. Lakanto Maple Flavoured: This one is low in calories and made from monk fruit used as a sweetener.
  4. Blackberry Patch Sugar-free Maple Praline Syrup: The best thing is that it is handmade and made by local people. It’s zero in carbs but high in calories.
  5. Nature’s Hollow Sugar-free Syrup: This is made in a company that’s run by a family from four generations. This syrup is available in many flavors.
  6. ChocZero Syrup Variety Pack: It is keto-friendly and gluten-free but is high in carbs.


The benefits of sugar-free diets include a reduction in the use of processed food. Taking good sugar helps in gaining more energy and also stabilizes mood. The risk of many long-term and deadly diseases is also reduced. Because of these benefits, people are tempted to consider sugar-free syrups. Even the manufacturing of sugar-free syrups has increased as it is quite useful for people with diabetes and those on strict diets. These syrups have multiple uses. They can be used in espresso drinks as well as baked foods and even regular coffee as an alternative to artificial sugar. The flavors also have an extensive range from hazelnut to chocolate and from coconut to vanilla. The best thing is that these sugar-free syrups can easily be made at home using only two or three simple ingredients.

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