Sugar-Free Jello Recipes

Sugar-Free Jello Recipes

Excessive intake of sugar has a lot of adverse effects on the body. Consuming sugar can lead to a lot of health problems like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, and high blood pressure. So People now days are more conscious about their health and do not want to compromise on nutrition. So people are shifting to healthier alternatives. Sugar-free, which means no sugar diet, has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Sugar frees limiting self to processed or artificial sugar. A lot of variations have been made in bakery items like sugar-free cakes, sugar-free cookies, and sugar-free jello.

Sugar-Free Jello Recipes

Recipe: Sugar-Free Jello Mousse

Ingredients required

  • 3pkg sugar-free jello
  • 1 ½ cup scorching water
  • One cup of cream cheese. Divided
  • 1 ½ cup heavy cream


In Big Bowl, beat ¼ cup of cream cheese till its fluffy then gradually put heavy cream combine till solid form. On high flame boil, ½ cup of water put one packet of jello till it dissolves completely.

Transfer the heavy cream equally in 3 different bowls. Combine jello with ¼ cup cream cheese with a blender. Combine until its smooth. Gradually add the jello mixture in one of the bowls of heavy cream with a mixer. Combine thoroughly. Don’t over mix it.

Put jello mixture in 4 cups.  Try that the mixtures don’t touch the sides. Keep them in the freezer.

Do again step 1 and 2 two more times using different flavors. Putting them in cups. Once three layers of different colors are done. Keep them in the fridge for ½ hour. Don’t serve until ready

Homemade Sugar-Free Jello

Ingredients needed

Sugar-Free Jello Recipes
Sugar-Free Jello Recipes
  • One ¾ cups 100% fruit juice, divided
  • ¼ cup scorching water
  • 1 tbsp grass-fed gelatin


To start with bloom the gelatin in little cold or room temperature fruit juice to make sure it’s soft and even. Take a medium bowl, dust the tablespoon of gelatin over ¼ cup of fruit juice and beat well till the mixture starts to solidify.

Once the mixture gets solidify, put ¼ cup of boiled water on it, and mix well so that it dissolves easily. Once the mixture is soft, put remaining ½ cup fruit juice and combine well.

Transfer the mixture in a regular loaf pan, place parchment paper to avoid sticking and keep it in the fridge to set for 2 hours. Once done top will be firm to touch.

Cut them in square pieces and serve.

Sugar-Free Gummies

Ingredients needed

  • One packet sugar-free jello
  • One sachet unflavored gelatin
  • 1/3-cup cold water


  • Combine jello, unflavored gelatin, and water in a pan
  • Boil it on low flame till fully dissolved, for about 2 minutes
  • Pour mixture in the mold using a dropper.
  • Keep it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes till fully gelled. Remove from mold and serve.


Shifting to a sugar-free diet helps in maintaining weight loss and also helps people with diabetes. These sugar-free jello mousse cups are light and spongy. Sugar-free jello is easy to make with few ingredients.

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