Sugar-Free Desserts Mouth Watering Recipe

Sugar Free Desserts Mouth Watering Recipe

It is common to have a sugarless or less sugar diet plan. As the present generation is super conscious regarding their health. Though some of you are fond of sweets and desserts. Here is a mouth-watering Sugar-Free Desserts Recipe you.

As the sugar free dessert also has sweetness. But you may be thinking who to have sweetness in serge free food. Here are a simple and to this question i.e., artificial sweeteners.

Although artificial sweeteners contain many folds of sweetness when compared to sugar. It is said that they are natural and are extracted from the plant or sun other natural sources.

Artificial Sweeteners Good for Sugar Free desserts

They are a better option to avoid sugar. Hence they provide us with the sweetness of sugar so can enjoy your desserts without sugar. Although they can be used in almost every type of food.

But do you think they are safe? To some extent, they are safe, but when they have consumed in a high amount, they can possess a life threat to you. They can lose sweetness when overcooked.

While using these sweeteners, you should be a little careful as some of them are suitable for baking while some are good for drinks. Therefore you must read the instructions carefully.

Sugar Free Desserts Mouth Watering Recipe
Sugar Free Desserts Mouth Watering Recipe

Sugar Free Dessert Recipe

Many of us here can’t imagine there life without sugar. But sometimes we have to quite our favorite food all to save our health or to take some precautions.

 But here is an alternative by which you can take the sweetness of sugar without using it. So let’s have a look to mouth-watering delicious Sugar Free Dessert Vanilla Honey Cup Cake Recipe.

 To cook your yummy cupcake, you need simple ingredients. The list of ingredients:


Egg- 2

Honey- 4 and ½ tsp or 135 gm

Vanilla extract- 1 tsp

Buttermilk- ¾ cup

Coconut oil- ½ cup (try to get a virgin coconut oat, it adds more flavor to you desert)

Flour- 250gm

Baking powder- ¼ tsp

Ingredients for icing

Soft cheese cubes- 250 gm

Vanilla extract- ½ tsp

Honey- 1 tsp

After you have collected all the ingredients. You have to follow simple steps to prepare your yummy dessert.


Preheat oven at 180c.

You can spread the cookie sheet for easy cleanup

Whisk all the ingredients in the correctly in the bowl.

When the ingredients are mixed well, they pour them in a baking mold. By this, you will be able to bake the cupcake in different shapes.

Keep them in the oven.

 Till the cupcakes get baked, prepare the icing.

Mix all the ingredients in the blow and whisk them till you can’t see the fluff.

Check the baking cupcakes. If they are baked, take them out from the oven. Let them get cool.

Once they get fresh plea, the vanilla Honey icing on the top of them, decorate them with a different type of glazes like jelly, stars, and many others.

You can also keep them in the refrigerator.

Sugar Free Desserts Mouth Watering Recipe
Sugar Free Desserts Mouth Watering Recipe

You yummy dessert is ready to make your mouth filled with sweetness.

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