Sugar Free Dessert Recipes To Try For Diabetic Patients

sugar free desserts recipes

Cashewnut-Dates Roll

Dessert Recipes

This recipe is not only tasty but also healthy as it contains the goodness of cashew nuts, dates, figs, and poppy seeds. Take 15-16 figs (overnight soaked in water) and grind them into a paste. Do the same thing with 8-10 dates. Now, heat some ghee in a pan and roast both the pastes in it. Roast it until it loses its moisture. Now, take it in a bowl and keep it aside. Meanwhile, make a rough powder of almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, and pistachios. Chop 7-8 dried figs as well for a grainy texture and add some saffron strands if possible. Add a little part of the date-fig roll base to the grounded dry fruits and make stuffing. Take some roll base and roll it like bread. Put some stuffing and chopped figs in it and, finally make a roll. Now, on a plate, take roasted poppy seeds, and put the roll in it so that poppy seeds may cling to it. Finally, cut the roll in slices and serve. 

Sugar-free Kalakand

Dessert Recipes

Heat 250 ml of milk in a pan on medium flame. Stir it till it reduces and becomes thick. Now, add a cup of fresh crumbled paneer to it. Mix it well and cook it on a slow flame. Now, add some green cardamom powder to this mixture. Again cook it till it loses its moisture. Place it in a mold and let it cool. Cut in square shape and serve. While cooking it, you may also mix some dried coconut powder to it for a better flavor.

Sugar-free Rasmalai

Take half a liter of full-fat milk and heat it in a heavy bottom pan till it reduces to 3/4th of its original. Add some honey and saffron water. When it boils again, add rasgulla balls in it. Or, you can make these balls from crumbled fresh cottage cheese (paneer). After some time, add some green cardamom powder, rose water, and kewra water. Then, switch the flame off, take ras malai in a large bowl and keep it in the refrigerator. Before serving, take it in a small bowl, and garnish with some rose petals, chopped dry fruits, and saffron. 


With these 3 sugar-free dessert recipes, it would be clear to you that diabetic patients can live a pleasant life without compromising their taste. All they need is to think with some creativity. In sugar-free Kalakand, you can add milk powder also. But make sure that your diet allows you to consume milk powder. Further on, if you are willing to add some different flavors in Kalakand, add their essence at room temperature. Sugar-free ras malai offers you 2 sugar free dessert recipes- if you add rice powder instead of rasgulla balls, it becomes phirni. 

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