Peanut Butter Sugar-Free Cookies For Diabetes

Sugar-Free Cookies Peanut Butter

These Sugar-Free Cookies Peanut Butter are a safe and balanced way to fulfill your cookie wish! They come with only five ingredients in one bowl for a super simple treat. If you’re like the rest of all and you’re hungry for chocolate, you will love the low-carb peanut butter cookies! They are entirely chewy and sweet, and without overloading the sugar, you can consume more than one.

Sugar-Free Cookies Peanut Butter - It's Better!
Sugar-Free Cookies Peanut Butter – It’s Better!

Sugar-Free Cookies Peanut Butter: 100% Sugar-Free!

These cookies are free of sugar and have just 4 grams (mostly fibers) of carbs per cookie! It makes them ideal on a ketogenic diet. The batter is mixed with five necessary ingredients in only one tub. No fancy equipment required for the kitchen, mix and bake it all! We suggest making these cookies at the beginning of the week because you have a treat that you can appreciate or share with family and friends. You would be shocked by how simple and delicious low-carb baking can be.

How To Make Sugar-Free Cookies Peanut Butter For Diabetes?

It takes only about 5 minutes to combine the mixture, and then you’ll enjoy a tasty treat all week long! First of all, preheat the oven to 180 ° C (350F) and place the baking paper on the cookie rack. Place aside. Add erythritol to a Nutribullet or mixer and blend until coated. If the low-carb sweetener is used, you can skip this stage. In a medium bowl, add all the ingredients and mix until you have a nice, glazy dough. Roll approximately 2 centimeters of dough between the palms to create a disc, put it on a cookie tray. Repeat until you have used enough dough. You should have 12-14 cookies at the top.

Wait! A Few More Steps

Just use a fork to flatten cookies, forming a criss-cross design over the top. Bake 12-15 minutes. Please pick from the oven and cool on the baker’s tray for 25 minutes, then switch it to a cooling rack for 15 minutes. You are ready to enjoy your peanut butter cookies now!

Giving Time To Cool

While your cookies would smell great when you take them out of the oven, stop sampling one right away! Making sure you allow them the opportunity to cool on the baking tray and cooling rack. Since this recipe includes no flour, the cooling phase is crucial to allow cookies to firm up. The longer they will cool, the better the quality. You don’t want them to fall apart when eating them!

 Sugar-Free Cookies Peanut Butter - Easy Recipe!
Sugar-Free Cookies Peanut Butter – Easy Recipe!

Customize Your Cookie Recipe

For this method, you might try a couple of different variations. Don’t think about imagination! We all know peanut butter and chocolate is a perfect mix. Add chocolate chips for a little more sugar. Or, a half-dip full cookie in molten sugar-free dark chocolate for a truly decadent treat. This brings cookies to a new level! Just make sure to encourage cookies to cool before dipping. To make the cookies nutty, consider using crunchy peanut butter rather than smooth.

Summing Up

We think a balanced diet should contain dessert! If you’re searching for a couple more therapies to try guilt-free, check out some more recipes. We know you’ll appreciate it. Please don’t forget to let us know if you liked these cookies and score the recipe in the comments section below!

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