Sugar Free Cookie Mixtures – Are They Worth the Effort

sugar free cookie mixes

Sugar-free cookie mixes are what most people in the sugar-free world aim for. However, there are a few problems with it. The main problem is that the sugar-free versions of these treats don’t taste very good. There’s no substitute for the real thing, but there are a few ways to create a sugar-free version that tastes almost as good as the real deal.

There are sugar-free cookies out there, but they’re mainly cross foods. Baked goods labeled “sugar-free” aren’t free because the sugar has already been added to the flour mix. There’s no getting around the fact that sugar is addictive, and eating too many of it will cause problems for those trying to lose weight. But there are alternatives, and one of them is creating your sugar-free cookie mix.

They Are Expensive

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It can be a lot of work to make sugar free cookies, but the effort is worth it. After all, sugar substitutes are usually pretty expensive. Even the sugar-free cake mix is loaded with sugar, and it’s usually made by manufacturers who profit from people’s inattention to their diet. Making your sugar free cookie mix allows you to take responsibility for the ingredients, which means you can make healthier decisions and enjoy your desserts for longer. And that’s always great to hear!

Unfortunately, there aren’t many sugar-free cookie mixes in stores, and even when there are, they aren’t usually all that different from each other. Most of them still contain refined flours, white sugars, and artificial flavoring. There’s nothing inherently wrong with these types of ingredients, per se. In moderation, they all may be fine for most people.

Commercially Prepared Sugar-Free Cookie Mixes Can Not Be A Good Choice

For those who have an issue avoiding sugar, these commercially prepared sugar-free cookie mixes might not be a good choice. The problem lies in how they are formulated and processed. They usually start with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), a cheap alternative to sucrose. HFCS has been used in many cookie preparations as an inexpensive substitute but has also been linked to health issues like tooth decay and weight gain. Another sugar-free cookie mix ingredient that is often used is liquid whey, which is also used in cooking and baking and used as a protein stabilizer.

Because of all the ingredients, you need to make sugar free cookies, and it’s no wonder they taste so bland and boring. They lack flavor and texture and usually lack any true appeal—part of the manufacturing process problem. Most sugar-free cookie mixes are made using pasteurized eggs, which means the egg yolks are severely marinated before being mixed with water, sugar, and flour. This prevents bacteria from invading the egg, resulting in a finished product that is bland and potentially harmful.

Manner Of Packaging

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Another problem lies in the manner in which the sugar-free cookie mix is usually packaged. It is commonly packaged in small aluminum foil-like boxes or large plastic bags. These bags not only can hinder the development of bouquet-like sugar flavors during production; they also interfere with the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients present in the mix. After baking, the sugar in these sugar free cookie mixes may make your sugar free cookies dry and brittle, and they will lack the luster of regular sugar.

Final Words

For most people, sugar free cookie mixes are not worth the time or effort involved in making your sugar free products. Before investing your valuable time in this fruitless endeavor, consider whether your sugar-free products are worth the investment. If you’re not sure, try them out and see for yourself. I’m sure you’ll be happy you did!

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