Sugar Free Cookie Icing Recipes

Sugar Free Cookie Icing

Did you know that even though you might want to use a sugar free icing in your cookies, there are still certain dangers that can make you sick? These dangers come from mixing different ingredients with butter. Butter is a powerful cooking ingredient and can be poisonous if it comes into contact with someone who has diabetes. Let me tell you how to avoid the dangers of butter and when to use it and when not to.

Things To Avoid

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First of all, let me tell you what you should not do. If you use a normal pinch of baking powder, do not use too much. A good rule of thumb is that your cookies have a minimum of two tablespoons of baking powder. Do not over-bake or under bake. This can be very dangerous and the sugar free icing may well collapse.

If you use a cup of butter, do not use more than four drops of vanilla extract. Eight drops is the recommended amount. Use only enough to coat the bottom of your cookies. There are no calories in the vanilla extract.

Another great way to avoid sugar free icing disasters is to use the right glaze. Glazing is simply icing with a bit of food color and usually some vanilla or white powdered sweetener added. Using a teaspoon of vanilla or white powdered sweetener is the right amount. If using sugar free, you might want to add one more teaspoon of glaze so you don’t end up using way too much.

Know About The Ingredients

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Now, let’s talk about the ingredients you need for these sugar-free, low carb-friendly, sugar-free cookies. For the icing, start with a mixing bowl that has the same measurements of dry ingredients that you’ll be using for the cake mix. Then add three to four cups of the powdered sugar and four to five tablespoons of the oil. Mix until the ingredients are completely blended and the mixture becomes smooth. The amount of both the wet and dry ingredients will depend on what type of cookie you’re making. However, you don’t want it to be too thick or the cake will not come out right.

Now it’s time for the fun stuff! Mix together two cups of the icing, a quarter cup of the oil, and two to three packets of the powdered sugar. You can use either sugar or vanilla depending on what your objective is. Then pour this mixture into your cupboard. Once you have this mix in you’re ready for the really fun stuff…

The Last Steps

Now you want to mix in your food coloring and then your baking powder. It doesn’t matter which you use as long as you have them in the same container. Now it’s time to put your food coloring into the measuring cup and begin pouring it into your mixing bowl. Mix until the food coloring is mixed thoroughly with the dry ingredients. Then you’re going to mix in your vanilla. This is where it gets tricky, because there are some foods that will clump while mixing so you need to be very careful.

Last Words

You will now want to pour this mix into your cookie tin. Make sure the cookie batter is even throughout the entire pan. Now you will want to put your snowman plate in place, but not too much. Put one end of the cookie onto the plate and then cover with the other end of the plate. Let these cookies set for about twenty-four hours, so you can enjoy them the next day as they are still pliable and delicious.

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