Sugar Free Cookie Dough Recipe

sugar free cookie dough recipe

Have you ever tried a sugar-free cookie dough recipe? Chances are, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much better these recipes taste and even how much healthier they are. Did you know that a high percentage of these recipes were created by women who wanted to eat healthier? This is because women prefer cookie dough that has a higher concentration of wholesome ingredients, and they want to know what is in it. It’s the same idea as when a mom chooses a healthier choice for her kids, even if it costs more: she knows the kids are going to be healthier because of the choice she made.

Another reason why women love sugar free cookie dough recipes so much is that many don’t like the idea of consuming processed or junk food. One reason this is important to them is that many of these recipes call for real butter and real eggs. Trying to avoid using these items can be challenging. In fact, some of the recipes involve using canned or prepared meats, which are OK as long as you aren’t eating them right away. If you make your own sugar free cookie dough, this is an easy way to ensure you have real food in your home whenever you want.

Sugar-Free Cookie Dough Recipe

Here are some ideas for sugar cookie recipes that you might find interesting. One has to use white sugar. If you don’t have this type of sugar, consider using brown sugar instead. This allows you to add just a touch of flavor, without adding unnecessary amounts of calories. You can also substitute semi-sweet and dark chocolate chips for the chips in many recipes, which also provide a nice, palatable snack for those watching their sugar intake.

A very popular alternative to sugar-free or low carb diabetic friendly desserts and baked goods is to use a set-cookie dough recipe. This can add some serious variety to your desserts without using unhealthy ingredients and still produce high quality, sugar-free meals. One such recipe uses coconut flour. Coconut flour is made from dehydrated pineapples. It can be used as a substitute for regular flour when baking, although you do have to keep in mind the carbohydrates in this product may be higher than they would be in most other products. This is an excellent option for people who need to watch their carbohydrate intake but enjoy desserts that are rich and have a nice texture.


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If you decide to use almond flour in a recipe, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. First, you will want to add at least one tablespoon of almond extract to any recipe that calls for vegetable shortening, as almond oil will greatly increase the carbohydrate count of any chips cookie dough recipe. Second, you will want to use at least two tablespoons of natural sweetener in any recipe that contains chocolate chips. This is not only less expensive than sugar but can help bring out the nutty flavor of the final product. There is no need to substitute refined white sugar for brown sugar or Splenda because these ingredients will also significantly raise the carb count of any chips cookie recipe.


There are several ways to prepare chip cookie recipes without using coconut flour. You can make a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe by using all-purpose flour. It is important to note that you should not make a very thick or dense batter when using all-purpose flour. You should instead use a batter that is quite thin, which will help the cookies come out light and crispy. Another great option for chips is to use unsweetened chocolate chips. Again, it is important not to use too much sugar, or you will find that the chips are not only too sweet but also have an unpleasant odor.

When looking for a dessert recipe that does not call for vegetable shortening, you might also consider oatmeal cookies. In many cases, you can omit the vegetable shortening and still enjoy a wonderful sweet cookie recipe. This is so because you can simply substitute oatmeal for sugar-free chocolate chips. Additionally, you can also bake the cookie dough in an oven that is not high temperature, as the heat from the oven may not be high enough to melt the chocolate chips.

Bottom Line

Baking with an assortment of flavors will give your taste buds a chance to experience a broader range of tastes. However, when you are creating your own sugar-free diabetic snack and other food recipes, you should take into account the fats and oils that you include in the recipe. It is often healthier to simply replace the vegetable oil with Splenda or other sugar substitutes instead of using regular vegetable oil. When you combine the replacement of fat with sugar, as well as high-fat ingredients, you may end up with desserts that are dangerously high in calories and fat.

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