Sugar Free Chocolate Milk Recipe – Does It Taste Good

sugar free chocolate milk

There is no denying that sugar free chocolate milk has become a staple diet for many people. Although not a huge chocolate drinker as a child (preferring mostly Hot Chocolate), once becoming an adult (especially with the sugar craze) was never quite a big chocolate drinker again, especially not in the U.S. Do see how difficult fruit juice is to get in the U.S.? And coke has become far too expensive for most to afford on a regular basis.

Read Labels

While it was hard to avoid sweets as a child, keeping a diet high in sugar and other sweeteners became much easier as we grew older. Gone are the days when you had only one option: a slice of cake, a candy bar, or a small cup of coffee, served with a little sugar or less. Thanks to the invention of the sugar recipe book and sweetener section of your favorite grocery store spice aisle, we can now choose from a dizzying array of sugar-free chocolate milk, cake mix, or baking mixes to create delicious desserts – all sugar free!

If you’re shopping for a sugar free chocolate milk replacement, remember to read labels. Many manufacturers claim their products are “gluten free,” but this is a marketing ploy to get you to buy their product. In reality, all ingredients should be certified as “gluten free” and “non-organic.” And even when ingredients are labeled as “all-natural,” they are still not safe. There are many dangerous chemicals and toxins in most all natural foods.

Cocoa Powder

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One of the biggest ingredients typically found in sugar-free chocolate milk is cocoa powder. Many manufacturers use a very small amount of cocoa powder in their products. While cocoa powder is used in chocolate because it provides an enriched, smooth taste, it is actually contaminated with the same contaminants as other cocoa powders. The cocoa powder is simply disguise the unhealthy ingredients by putting it in a fancy wrapper.

Harmful Ingredients

Other harmful ingredients are: vegetable oil, which is usually derived from coconuts, caramel coloring, artificial flavoring, and wax. Even though it is “all-natural,” these ingredients can still be very dangerous for your health. Chocolate milk is not a substitute for regular milk because it does not contain live enzymes like regular milk. This means it contains no lactose or casein.

A good sugar free chocolate milk recipe will also list all ingredients as well as their quantity. Be sure to look carefully at the list of ingredients. If a sweetener is listed twice or more, you can be pretty sure that it is not natural. Be especially careful of recipes containing sucrose, as it is a no-no in any healthy diet.


Another great thing about these recipes is that they are flexible and can be adjusted to include ingredients that you might not be able to find in the stores. For example, some people do not care for coconut milk. In this case, simply substitute it with another fruit. Another good option is to add vanilla extract instead of the sugar. It can be a little bit more expensive, but definitely worth it when you are trying to manage your diet and maintain your blood sugar levels.

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