Sugar Free Chocolate Desserts

Sugar Free Cookie Butter

It’s hard to roll them in a bowl, let alone bake them in a cake pan! There are several recipes out there that are almost impossible to replicate, but it is possible to create a sugar-free dessert. You may be surprised at how easy and delicious the dessert can be once you get over your initial scare.

Know About Tiramisu

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Tiramisu is one of the classic desserts loved by many people. In fact, it has been baked and enjoyed for centuries. The flavor is a mixture of cream, vanilla and chocolate, and has been made a lot of different ways. Most versions involve heavy cream and dark chocolate, however, today a lot of bakeries and restaurants use a sugar-free alternative. Some mix up the cream cheese and mascarpone topping on the cake with the sugar free version and call it Tiramisu, while others use the whipped cream and lemon zest to create the dessert.

One of the easiest ways to create a sugar free Tiramisu is to simply bake a chocolate cake layer cake. All you have to do is add the sugar substitute and then cook the cake. This can be done in a traditional oven or a microwave oven. When baking a chocolate cake layer, you can also choose to put a chocolate pudding mix on top instead of the cream cheese. The only difference will be the amount of carb in the pudding mix. You don’t need any added sugar, so you won’t add calories.

Low Carb Keto Chocolate Layer Cake

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Another simple and cheap dessert idea that you can do with sugar free chocolate is a low carb keto chocolate cake layer. The secret here is to not over cook the cake. The longer you cook it, the more time it takes for the cake to get soft, which cuts down on the crispiness of the end result. To make this a good low carb keto chocolate cake, you should choose a chocolate cake mix that uses medium or high carb.

A great recipe for making a sugar free whipped cream cheese fondue includes leftover lasagna noodles, reduced fat sour cream, and reduced calorie cottage cheese. Bring a pot of soup to a boil, add some noodles, and cover for about two minutes. Then switch off the heat and cover the pot tightly. Let the mixture cool until it’s just right before removing from the heat source. Uncover, cut into pieces with a food processor or blender, and pour the hot noodles into each piece of pasta.


If you’re trying to decide how to top your desserts, there are many different ideas, from a simple towing cream cheese on a cookie to a rich brownie. Another delicious option is to make macaroons. In this recipe, you’ll use almond or soy milk to soak up the flavor of the macaroni and cream cheese and then simply dump it into a hot microwave. You can also top desserts with nuts and salt; try a nice warm cinnamon roll, and dig in for a bit.

Final Words

As you can see, there are lots of sugar free dessert recipes available that don’t involve any cooking at all. And, they’re certainly better for you than most conventional desserts. So, the next time you’re in the mood for a nice dessert, give those desserts a chance before heading out to a restaurant. You might just find yourself loving them a whole lot more than you ever thought possible!

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