Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Cherries Taste Delicious Even When You Dont Add Sugar

sugar free chocolate covered cherries

Are you sick and tired of buying sugar free chocolate-covered cherries at the store? I know I was. It seemed like every candy store had completely stopped selling them. Then I read someone on health forums asking the best alternative, and I discovered they were making their own.

With this discovery, I was able to make my own sugar free chocolate-covered cherries. It is very easy to do. Combine these three ingredients first to form a paste-like mixture to easily wrap the cherries around a plastic cherry mold while still inside the freezer. Now, for those of you that wanted to buy your own sugar free chocolate-covered cherries, here’s the best and newest!


This taste is incredible. My mother fell in love with them as soon as she tried them. They have a slightly bitter taste to them, but it’s not at all unpleasant. If you taste them closely, you can hardly taste the sugar. I don’t like bitter fruit flavor, but these chocolates have a slight hint of bitterness to me. If you’re a cherry fan like me, then you’ll love these sugar free chocolate-covered cherries.

As delicious as they taste, I wasn’t sure about how easy they were to make. Since I didn’t use a lot of chocolate in the recipe, I wasn’t sure how it would come out. However, once I started eating them, I knew I was in love. The chocolate flavor makes these delicious, and they’re so easy to prepare.

My mom made the whole lot in one day. She started by getting the ingredients for my favorite chocolate-covered cherries and then whipped up my perfect sugar-free chocolates. It only took about an hour for her to prepare all of her delicious sugar-free chocolates. All she had to do was add the cherry purists and some whipped cream to the mix.

Cherry Compendium

To make them taste even better, I made a cherry compendium to go along with my sugar free chocolate-covered cherries. I bought a couple of books on the different types of cherries that are great for cooking. Once I had bought them, I knew I had a good idea what to get for my mom. The book gave me a list of cherry sauces and other things I could make with the cherries. It also came with a great recipe for strawberry mint cherry fondue.

I made a point to visit the grocery store the day after I bought the book because I wanted to get some more great sugar free chocolate-covered cherries. When I got there, I was surprised that they carry sugar-free chocolate-covered cherries. Since I knew I would be buying them for my mom’s birthday, I decided to get her two dozen cherries instead of the one pack I bought. Since I made a compendium, I also got a recipe for hot strawberry chocolate. That allowed her to have another delicious treat without any sugar.

Sugar-Free Chocolate-Covered Cherries

If you need sugar-free chocolate-covered cherries or any other kind of dessert for that matter, I would recommend trying one of the many recipes for them. I know that once mom tastes this deliciously sweet, she will never want sugar again. The recipes have been tested many times, and all have been great and keeping my kids happy.

Since I love strawberry milk chocolate, I decided to make a chocolate version of strawberry milk. I took one tablespoon of each of the dry ingredients and my favorite strawberry candy brand and put them in a zip lock bag, and freeze them. I then took the frozen chocolate and poured it into cups, one cup at a time. I used the same measurements I had for the strawberry candy. When the chocolate was melted, I added the milk and sugar and stirred until it turned into a smooth batter.

I baked the chocolate covered cherries in my oven. They were delicious and even gave my dad a hard time when he saw them. After they cooled off, I cut them into little wedges. I served them with a fresh tossed salad. Everyone loved them and asked for more.

Final Words

I have made these delicious sugar free chocolate cherries several times. I usually make a batch once a week and freeze the rest to enjoy them during the weeks when I don’t make chocolate desserts. The cherries taste great, and you can see why I have given them a five-star rating. My family and friends love them too.

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