Sugar Free Chocolate Cookies – Health And Taste In The Game

Sugar Free Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate cookies are a perfect snack, though the ones on a diet crave sweet too. Therefore why not try the sugar free chocolate cookies as a healthy alternative? People of all ages love chocolate cookies. Though having a lot of sugary desserts and sweets can cause severe health issues. If one consumes too much sugar, it accumulates over time and then converts into fats. Extra sugar also converts into insulin, which flows in the bloodstream of a person. Higher insulin increases the chances of diabetes at a very young age. Having a lot of sugar can give a kick to the body though it tends to make people lethargic, resulting in a tired state of mind throughout the day.

Sugar Free Chocolate Cookies

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Sugar is also responsible for heart-related issues and potential risks of heart attacks. Daily, one should only consume around nine teaspoons of sugar. More than that would risk potential dangers in the long term. The ones trying to lose weight are also suggested their sugar intake, and therefore, many dieticians suggest sugar-free alternatives for the same. Though it is impossible to pacify the sweet cravings during a diet, one can try out sugar-free alternatives to their favorite desserts. They would help in satisfying the sweet cravings in a healthy and guilt freeway.

Sweeteners In Sugar Free Chocolate Cookies

The sugar-free are artificial sweeteners that are added to replace the consumption of the regular sugar. These are usually made up of two types, such as a chemical sweetener called the Aspartame, and the other is made up of stevia plants. Many sugar-free products also use sugar alcohols, which leave a lesser impact on blood sugar levels. These alcohols are not very sweet in their original form, so they use more amount of these alcohols to enhance the sugar levels in sugar-free chocolate cookies. These are great alternatives to the original cookies without having to feel guilty about the sweet cravings. Here’s a step-by-step recipe of sugar-free chocolate cookies that delicious and healthy.

Make It Now

Start – To make sugar-free chocolate cookies, one needs to mix all the dry ingredients: almond flour, artificial sweeteners, cocoa powder, and baking powder in a bowl. After which one needs to add softened butter and one egg, which are the wet ingredients.

Mix – After adding all the ingredients together, one needs to mix it together until it turns into a thick dough. After the dough is formed, one can add chunks of chocolate chips or some chocolate shaving to the dough and mix it.

Final: After the dough for sugar-free chocolate cookies is ready, roll this dough into smaller balls and place it on a tray with parchment paper on it. One can flatten the dough a little before. After this, bake the sugar-free chocolate cookies for around 12 minutes. And that’s it. The sugar-free chocolate cookies are ready to serve.


All ages love chocolate cookies. However, too much sweet isn’t good for your health. Therefore the sugar-free chocolate cookies make a great and healthy alternative for the same.

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