Sugar Free Chocolate Chips For You

Sugar Free Chocolate Chips For You

Many people out there love chocolate but they can’t have them as they are cautious about the ill effects of sugar. To have a low sugar or sugar free diet is common nowadays. To have sugar free chocolate chips, here is the right solution for you.

Sugar Free Chocolate Chips For You
Sugar Free Chocolate Chips For You

As sugar free food also give your tongue taste some sweetness. Though this food has some artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes.

Artificial Sweeteners In Sugar Free Food

Artificial sweeteners are for many types. They are made up of natural sources like plant extracts or sugar extract. But they usually go through some chemical process. Therefore sometime they may be harmful to health.

While using a sugar substitute, you should take proper reading to use these sweeteners. Some of them are preferred for baking. Although some are proven suitable for beverages and drinks. Some sweeteners cause allergies also.

Importance Of Artificial Sweeteners

If you use these sweeteners with precautions. They can be proved quite good for health. Although they do not have any calories. Though some have little calories which do not affect your low-calorie diet.

As they are much folded sweet than sugar, they are used in very less amount.  Hence they are a good option for a sugar substitute. But only if they are used with precautions.

Sugar Free Chocolate Chips Recipe

This is very simple and easy to prepare. They can be used to decorate your desserts, ice creams, and pancakes. You can make them at home very quickly.  This needs simple ingredients.

Note:  You need to keep the cocoa butter consistency proper, to have good sugar free chocolate chips. They are suitable for your sugar free diet as they give you the sweetness of sugar but do not attract the disease, which is caused by sugar.

Simple Sugar Free Chocolate Chips Recipe


Virgin coconut oil- 4 tsp

Cocoa or cocoa powder- 1/3 cup

Some sweetener like Stevie

Honey for taste

Sugar Free Chocolate Chips For You
Sugar Free Chocolate Chips For You

Steps To Follow  For Sugar Free Chocolate Chips

Melt coconut oil. Do not heat it. Make it liquid if it is hard or stable.

Mix cocoa or cocoa power well in the oil.

Add the sweeteners or the honey if you want the honey flavor.

You can add some vanilla essence in the mixture.

Mix all the ingredients well

Now pour the mixture on the parchment-lined Tupperware container or a candy molt.

Make small chips using the container or mold

Refrigerate it. Let it cool, and your sugar-free choc chips are ready.

Sugar-Free Chocochips Without Oil

If you want to avoid the use of oil and butter, you need to take simple two ingredients.


Sugar free chocolate bar

Vanilla essence


All you need to melt the chocolate and add vanilla essence to it.

Pour the melted chocolate in the mold and make the Chocó chip shape

Keep in the refrigerator.

Your sugar-free Chocó chips without oil are ready to eat.

Sugar Free Chocolate Chips For You
Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips For You

You can use these Chocó chips in many different ways. They can be used for the decoration of your desserts and also can be added in the cakes and many more.

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