Sugar-Free Candy For Diabetics

Sugar-Free Candy For Diabetics

The sugar-free candy has no sugar or very little sugar and is tasty. Diabetes is a disease due to the high sugar level in blood. The disease happens due to the less secretion of insulin by the pancreas. Due to this, the glucose doesn’t reach the cells and stays in the blood. Doctors advise a diabetic person to take care of their diet. The very first thing that the doctors instruct is to reduce or cut the intake of sugar. Doctors also instruct to check their carbohydrate intake.

A stigma is attached to diabetes, “one who eats more sugar has diabetes.” Up to a certain level, this is true and acceptable. People having diabetes are mostly seen to have a sweet tooth. It’s difficult for them to quit sugar immediately and we often find them munching some sweets at night. Then at this point, sugar-free candy comes to their rescue. But, excess consumption of it is not always good for the body.

Sugar-Free Candy For Diabetics
Sugar-Free Candy For Diabetics

Misunderstandings About Sugar-Free Candy

  • Sugar-free means unlimited- sugar-free candies have some amount of carbohydrate. They also have a significant amount of calories and saturated or trans fat. Therefore, one must always consume them in a limited quantity. Excess quantity may lead to various diseases.
  • Sugar-free means healthy- healthy foods are fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains. Sugar-free candy is not healthy. So a person with diabetes cannot depend on these candies entirely and reduce the intake of healthy food.
  • It is only for people with diabetes- It is healthy only up to a limited quantity.

Benefits Of Sugar-Free Candy

Sugar-Free Candy For Diabetics
Sugar-Free Candy For Diabetics
  • If one limits the intake quantity of these candies, then they may not increase the sugar level in the blood dramatically.
  • People make regular candies that are made of excessive carbohydrates. These sugar-free candies contain a meager amount of carbohydrate.
  • Regular candies have extra-added sugar, but these candies do not have added sugar.
  • The calorie count is also low in these candies as compared with regular candies.
  • It gives mental satisfaction to a person who consumes it.

It’s Side Effects

  • Stevia risk- stevia is a herb; its extract is sweeter than regular sugar. If you make candy using stevia sweetener, then it may not be healthy for diabetes patients. Stevia is supposed to cause hypoglycemia and hypotension, especially in those who take blood pressure medicines.
  • Cancer risk- if a sugar-free candy is made with artificial sweetener, then there are the chances of having cancer. The artificial sweeteners are mostly chemicals.
  • Sugar-free candies can cause acute diarrhea. It can also cause gas and bloating. Consuming a lot of such candies can cause weight gain because they are not calorie-free and carbohydrate-free. They also have saturated as well as trans fat, which can result in obesity.


Going sugar-free is an option for diabetic, but consuming artificial sweetener instead of natural is not an option. Diabetes patient can absorb 90% healthy food, which comprises of fruits and vegetables, whole-grain, and dairy products. These healthy foods are sufficient to provide their body with the amount of sugar that is needed.

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