Sugar Free Cake and Frosting – A Few Tips

sugar free cake and frosting

It can be tempting to go with sugar free cake and frosting because of it being low cost. But, there are a couple reasons why you should consider trying sugar free cake and frosting instead. For starters, sugar free cake and frosting will not clog your pores and cause acne. Also, sugar free cake and frosting do not have as many calories as traditional cake recipes. If you are on a diet or watching your weight, sugar free cake and frosting are definitely an option.

There are a number of different brands and flavors of sugar-free cake and frosting out there. Pick some up today and let your imagination free! Use non-food coloring, food coloring (white), and non-flavored white frosting. You can also buy sugar free icing that you can also use to decorate cupcakes without adding extra sugar. Don’t worry about the shelf life of these products, they won’t spoil for very long. Kick the sugar free gums out and enjoy cupcakes, cookies, and candy.

Cakes and Cupcakes


Using food coloring is one great way to make your frostings and cupcakes look more festive. Not only that, but it also makes them taste better! For instance, if you put some food coloring on a plain cupcake, you can make the cupcakes look more red or purple. You can even use 3 bowls so you can alternate between red, purple, and white.

Sugar Free Cake and Frosting

A cake with a dessert on a plate

Another advantage of using sugar free cake and frosting is that you don’t have to worry about all the preservatives and chemicals in regular cake mix or frostings. All you need are a natural sugar substitute. There are many different flavors to choose from. The frostings can be made from real cream, ice cream, soy, or milk. You can even use fruit juice in place of water. Just add some food coloring to enhance the flavor.

Cake Batter Frosting

Another easy way to add color and flavor is to use colored cake batter frosting instead of regular frosting. Colorful batter frosting comes in many different shades and can be used with or without food coloring. You can even make it yourself by mixing equal parts of red, blue, and green dye. You can bake the cupcakes and frost them however you want, including painting faces on them or writing messages on them.

Red Cake and Frosting

Why not try decorating your cupcakes and cakes in red, purple, orange, or any other color? You can even use red cake batter for cupcakes, which makes a very nice surprise for any birthday party or get together. You could also bake smaller red cupcakes and frost them as your guests arrive.

Sugar Free Cupcakes

You don’t have to worry about using sugar, so the sugar free cake and frosting is just as good as the normal recipes. You will just have to adjust the recipe a little bit, which is very easy. For instance, you could use three bowls instead of two, use unsweetened chocolate as the flavor in the cake batter, and do varying layers in the cake. You can even bake the cupcakes and frost them once they’re cooled off.


When you’re making purple food colors, you need to use more sugar than you would normally. There is also no food coloring added to the purple batter, so the cupcakes are really pretty in a normal fashion. You will use three bowls when baking these cupcakes, but you can bake more if you want. You can frost the cupcakes in purple frosting, or with pink and purple tinted icing. This one is a personal favorite!

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