Sugar Free Banana Cake – A Delicious Homemade Treat

sugar free banana cake

Sugar free banana cake is one of the sweetest cakes that you can have at your next party or special occasion. This cake has tons of natural sugar so there is no need to add any additional sugar. Also, this cake tastes so good, there is no need to eat unhealthy desserts. Delicious, healthy, sugar free, just like it is. For people with high glycaemic index, alpha, or mucus, you better stay away from bananas as bananas usually increase these.

An Overview

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This dessert will be a big hit at the next picnic or lunchtime. It has a moist texture that makes it taste wonderful. If you are watching your diet, this is an ideal option. For people with diabetes, this is a good alternative to having a sweet treat in the dessert because the moistness it contains will help regulate your blood sugar levels. You can also use less sugar to make this cake and still have the natural sweetness.

To create a sugar free banana cake, you only need to substitute the banana frosting and not the cake mix. There are many recipes out there for a banana cake. To make the cake more appealing to people with diabetes, you can choose to make it with either cream or cake flour. Using a reduced amount of sugar will still give the cake a delicious flavor.

Making Process

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There are some things you have to take note of when making a healthy banana cake. Before baking, you have to make sure the bananas are softened so they can easily dissolve in the cake batter. If not, they will end up in strings and you’ll find it hard to remove them from the cake. Just remember that if you have excess oil on your hands, you can always pour the batter and spread it on the pre-made banana pieces instead of putting the fruit directly into the mixing bowl.

Once you have finished assembling the cake, you have to frost it with a moist cream cheese frosting. Make sure you blend the dry ingredients thoroughly so they will fully combine with the wet ingredients like the chopped bananas. The dry ingredients should not be blended too much because it will cause lumps that will keep the other wet ingredients from blending properly.

Final Touch

When you have finished the preparation, you have to use a food processor or blender to grind the bananas and the dry ingredients together. This will make the powder. Next, you have to add the sugar free banana cake mix and wet the moist cream cheese frosting. Once this is done, you can spoon the powder over the cake. Make sure you allow sufficient time for the powder to set so it will become smooth and taste delicious.

After this, you can start decorating your sugar free banana cake by using frosting tips. You can try to decorate the cake by hand or you can also use the tip of your finger. If you are going to use a finger, you have to make sure that the tip of your finger is pointed to the area of the cake that you are going to frost. This is to ensure that you do not apply excess frosting that will cover up the cake that you are working on.


Last but not least, you have to frost the entire cake with moist cream cheese frosting. Do not forget to spread the dry ingredients evenly on the cake. Lastly, drizzle some molasses on top and enjoy your delicious dessert. Although it is sugar free, it tastes as good as any other cake made with refined sugar.

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