Sugar-Free Artificial Sweeteners In Market

Sugar-free Artificial Sweeteners In Market

As people nowadays are very conscious of their health, they go through many precautions to prevent themselves from any ill effects. Sugar harms our health in many ways and that’s why so many people have opted for Sugar free diet.

Sugar-free Artificial Sweeteners In Market
Sugar-free Artificial Sweeteners In Market

 Though there are many Sugar-free products present in the market, they not only help you to maintain your low sugar diet. But also make you taste the sweetness of Sugar. Many different companies lead in this market.

Sugar-free Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweetens provide you with the sweetness of Sugar but without using Sugar. This is because they are extracted from plants or can be by some chemical compositions. Although they are chemically made by posses almost the same sweetness with the less use as compared to Sugar.

These have a large market dealing with it handsomely. It almost gives a spread of 30% in the market. Though it also poses a lume some amount that is $2.8 billion by 2021.

There are different types of artificial sweeteners. Although they pose different qualities, let’s have a look at some of the sweeteners commonly used.

Types Of Sugar-free

 They are used to protect the harmful effects of Sugar on our bodies. Usually, they are a good option for diabetic people. There are 4 types of sweeteners commonly used. They are


This is the most common artificial sweetener with almost 200 times more sweet than Sugar. Usually used in sweetening beverages. Although it is a good sweetener for cereals. You can use this in some desserts but with a little precaution.

Sugar-free Artificial Sweeteners In Market
Sugar-free Artificial Sweeteners In Market

Though it poses some disadvantages also, it loses its sweetness if overcooked. It is not suitable for baking.


This posses 600 times sweetness on comparing to the Sugar. Although it contains 0 calories. This is best suitable for diabetic patients who wish to taste the sugar sweetness but are held back by its ill effects. So they can try Sucralose. It is also ideal for baking.

This also poses some disadvantages.  It triggers gastric problems, causing many other digestive issues if consumed too much. Not come under 100% safe category for humans as consist of three atoms of chlorine.


This is suitable for all type of sugar substitute. Hence its most favorite brand of this category sweetener is Sweet’N Low. Though it’s each packet, contain four calories per package.

This has some disadvantages like it left a bitter taste, it causes allergies sometimes, and most importantly, it poses life threat if overly consumed.


It is preferred to use at home even they have become quite popular for home use. The famous brand dealing in this category is Truvia. It has no calories. It is suitable for baking, but you should use it with some precautions.

Sugar-free Artificial Sweeteners In Market
Sugar-free Artificial Sweeteners In Market

The disadvantages possessed by this artificial sweetener are a large amount is used to sweeten the food. It was tested on laboratory rats, and this caused them harm. Though they are banned in the US as reports stated that is leads to infertility and cancer.

Here are some sweeteners with their pros and cons. You can read them and choose which you want to try.

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