Sour Sugar-Free Candy Recipes To Try At Home

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Kids love candies and adults like them too. If you have been a fan of sour candies, you are lucky to be here. To help you treat your sweet tooth, we have brought amazing sour sugar-free candy recipes for you. These sweets don’t have sugar as well as synthetic flavors, unlike store-bought candies. Plus, they are so damn easy to make!

Sour Sugar-Free Gummy Bear Candies

A piece of cake on a plate

Instead of buying those Gummy bear candies from the store, make these at home. A perfect blend of sour and sweet flavors, these candies will delight kids and adults alike.

Things Required

For Each Flavor:

About 0.25 oz. powdered gelatin (unflavored)

0.3 oz. store-brought Jello (sugar-free)

1/4 Tsp. citric acid

1/4 cup normal water

For The Entire Coating:

1/4 Tsp. citric acid

1 Tbsp. powdered sweetener


To make one flavor of sour sugar-free candy, take one flavor of Jello along with water, gelatin, and citric acid in a saucepan. Make sure the mixture is cooked over low flame. Cook the mixture till all the crystals are completely dissolved. Switch off the flame and fill a gummy bear mold with this mixture. Now cook other flavors of Jello the same way. Leave the mold at room temperature for about 4-5 hours or until set. Take out the candies from the mold and transfer to a bowl. Now take another bowl and combine powdered sweetener as well as citric acid in it. Pour this sour flavored mixture over the candies and gently mix to coat the bears. Sour and sugar-free candies are ready to eat.

Note: Store these candies in a tight-fitted container. Try to consume these candies within a period of two weeks. As these candies are low-carb, they are ideal for people following a keto diet. You can make these candies with flavors such as orange, strawberry, lemon, and so on. Lastly, use a dropped to pour the candy mixture in the mold.

Sour Sugar-Free Lemon Gumdrops

These sour gumdrops have the taste of real lemon. The gumdrops are sugar-free as well as low carb. You can even add yellow food coloring to make these gumdrops look appealing.  

Things Required

For Candies:

1/2 cup water

3 Tbsp. gelatin

1/2 cup lemon juice 

2 Tbsp. sweetener (powdered)

For Coating:

1 Tsp. granular citric acid 

1/2 cup low carb sweetener 


Take a saucepan and combine powdered sweetener along with water and juice of the lemon on low heat. Stir the mixture and then add gelatin. Keep stirring until there are no chunks or crystals. Now strain this mixture and pour it into a medium-size measuring cup. Again pour it from the cup to the desired silicone molds. You can allow the candies to set in the refrigerator or leave them at room temperature. Meanwhile, prepare the coating by taking the sweetener and citric acid in a small or big glass container with lid. You can add food coloring if you desire. Shake the mixture in the container and then put the gumdrops in it. Add a few candies at a time and shake the container to coat the candies. It’s better to put some candies at a time and then repeat the process with the other candies. Once a batch of gumdrops has been coated, take them out from the container and put them in a dish. Repeat with the other batch.

Note: Use citric acid in a lesser amount to make this sour sugar-free candy. Using more citric acid will make the candies extremely sour. Plus, the candies will become very wet after some time.

Make these sour and sugar-free candies at home to please yourself or your kids!

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