Recipe For Sugar Free Syrup

Recipe For Sugar Free Syrup

When you plan to start a sugar free diet, you may face many challenges. The major problem may be cooking sugar free food items. However, many people believe that when you leave out the sugar in your meal, you lose interest in cooking and even eating. However, this is not so. You can still make scrumptious yet healthy food items in your kitchen. One such item is sugar free syrup.

Recipe For Delightful Sugar Free Syrup

Recipe For Sugar Free Syrup
Recipe For Sugar Free Syrup

Thinking of sugar free syrup can make you wonder whether it is for real or not? Well, it is 100 percent real and you can actually prepare it in your kitchen. The need is only a proper recipe that can help you in this process. Moreover, you actually require this said syrup to prepare delicious low carb breakfast options. So, let us read about a wonderful recipe for a sugar free syrup.


  • Erythritol (powdered);
  • Xanthum gum;
  • Maple extract;
  • Water.


  • The main point in this recipe is to make use of the maple syrup. The reason is that using the maple syrup offers it an authentic taste.
  • Firstly, take a whisk and a pot together. Now, whisk together sweetener, water, and the maple extract. 
  • Moreover, once you are done with whisking, bring these ingredients to a boil. 
  • When the ingredients are boiled, just add in the Xanthum gum. This will help in thickening the said syrup.
  • When you add the Xanthum gum, make sure to immediately whisk it together with the remaining ingredients. However, make sure that you sprinkle the gum and not just dump it away. It takes a few minutes to thicken. Thus, you need to wait a little before adding in more of Xanthum gum.

Tips To Store The Sugar Free Syrup

Recipe For Sugar Free Syrup
Recipe For Sugar Free Syrup

With only 4 ingredients and is prepared in only 10 minutes, this is a must-have sugar-free syrup in your kitchen. However, the question is how to store it easily? The recipe above will easily make a cup of syrup. Thus, you can store it well and use it for about 4 to 5 times. When you refrigerate the syrup, the erythritol in it will freeze and crystallize. However, you can simply reheat the syrup or shake it properly.

Why Should You Prepare Sugar Free Syrup At Home?

Well, the homemade syrup is really delicious and easy to prepare as well. Moreover, when you buy a male syrup from the market, it is laden with lots of sugar. Moreover, many of the sugar free syrups available in the market do not use the actual maple. On the other hand, these sugar free syrups do not offer the perfect taste you want. Thus, it is advisable to prepare the syrup at home which will be as per your taste and choice.


So, prepare this above-mentioned recipe in your kitchen and give a perfect taste to your sugar free dishes. Moreover, this maple will also help in breaking the myth that going sugar free can make your life and cooking boring. 

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