Recipe For Awesome Sugar-Free Jello

Recipe For Awesome Sugar Free Jello

Are you among those people who cannot do without jellos no matter what? Even when the family doctor specifically advises you against it? Well, this is a dilemma faced by many people out there. However, one of the best alternatives to this can be homemade sugar-free jello. Yes, you can actually prepare this jello at home. Moreover, the best part is that you need to be a proper chef to do so.

Recipe For Fabulous Homemade Sugar-Free Jello

Recipe For Awesome Sugar Free Jello
Recipe For Awesome Sugar-Free Jello

Homemade sugarless jello can be prepared at the comfort of your home and that too with minimum ingredients. Moreover, this recipe is sure to add that extra protein in your diet. Jello is something that has always impressed people worldwide. With its soft texture tempting you, it is difficult to remove it from our lives. So, let us read in detail about the easy yet delectable homemade recipe for sugar-free jello. Moreover, you can prepare it in 5 minutes while you need to chill it for 2 hours.

Ingredients For Sugar Free Jello

  • 3 cups of cold water;
  • 3 tablespoons of gelatin;
  • ½ teaspoon of lemon rind (grated);
  • 1-½ cups of boiling water;
  • 1-⅛ cup of lemon juice;
  • ⅜ teaspoon of stevia extract;
  • ¾ cup of Xylitol.

Preparation Method

Recipe For Awesome Sugar Free Jello
Recipe For Awesome Sugar-Free Jello
  • Firstly, soften the available gelatin by soaking it in cold water. You can even soak it in juice if you do want to include some amount of sugar in your jello.
  • Moreover, add the boiling water or juice to the gelatin until it gets completely dissolved.
  • Now add in the remaining ingredients. Keep stirring it until all of them are equally blended.
  • Pour this mixture into 2 baking pans.
  • Refrigerate this jello until it gets set properly.

What Are The Benefits Of Making Homemade Sugar-Free Jello?

  • You surely save yourself money as bakeries price these sugarless cookies very high. So, when you prepare this jello at home, you can actually save yourself a significant amount.
  • The jello or gelatin is actually soothing for the stomach. Moreover, it can be the best option when you suffer from a stomach bug.
  • Moreover, jello is a fabulous source of complimentary or additional protein.
  • In addition, you have a complete control over the ingredients of the jello. This means that you can leave out the ingredients which are not savory such as artificial colors or flavors.

Alternative Sourcing For Gelatin

If you do not want to use the normal and regular gelatin found in the stores, you can always look for alternatives. Moreover, using good quality gelatin can make your jello really wonderful.

Vital Proteins

This is a pastured bovine we get from Brazil. Moreover, this alternative can make your jello really nourishing.

Great Lakes Gelatin

This is the first-class gelatin which comes from Argentina and Brazil. Moreover, the gelatin is not treated with artificial antibodies or hormones.


Homemade sugar-free jello is a wonderful alternative for people who wish to cut down the sugar content in their desserts. So, make use of this recipe and prepare the jello at your own convenience.

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