Popular Gluten Free Fast Food Restaurants

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Many people have gluten intolerance and are looking for more options when it comes to fast food. This article will discuss popular restaurants that offer gluten-free fast food. These popular, yet different ways of eating can be both healthy and tasty! Check out the list below to see what your new favorite place is!


Copycat Chipotle Chicken & Rice Bowl | MrFood.com

The burrito bowls at Chipotle are made with brown rice, black beans, fajita vegetables, salsa or mild tomatillo-green chili sauce (depending on spice preference), cheese, and lettuce – no need for chips at this place!

Panera Bread

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Gluten-free bread from varieties like whole wheat, artisan white, or seven-grain can all be found at this restaurant. Panera is great because the staff clearly labels the ingredients in each dish and almost all coffees, soups and salads can be eaten!


The Subs at Subway are made on gluten-free bread (available at selected locations). Instead of chips, choose a side like apple slices or sweet potato fries. Be sure to ask your server if the sandwich contains any extra sauces that contain gluten as well; some items may not be safe.


Chick-fil-A’s claim to fame is their amazing chicken sandwiches – and they offer them for free without gluten! Ask for a wheat bun, but make sure it isn’t honey-baked as this means it has gluten. Also, avoid sauces like BBQ sauce or honey mustard because they contain gluten.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle is great for the person who likes to eat out but needs to stick to a diet, like one that requires you to watch your cholesterol or cut out carbs. Their burrito bowls are made without high-fat cheese and tortillas, but instead lettuce wraps; it’s delicious!


KFC offers breaded chicken sandwiches as an alternative to their classic fried chicken items. They have now introduced gluten-free soy sauce as well, which can be used in place of traditional soy sauce.

Pizza Hut

Gluten-free pizzas are now available at restaurants nationwide. The crust is specially prepared with fewer wheat proteins, making it safe for those with an intolerance. 

Noodles and Company

This popular restaurant serves Japanese pan noodles, linguine, and fettuccini as well as penne rosa – all gluten-free! If you’re not a noodle fan, there are still options like chicken teriyaki or grilled shrimp.

California Pizza Kitchen

California pizza kitchen is known for its fresh ingredients, a wide variety of menu items, and amazing pizzas. They offer a whole wheat crust that is delicious and contains only 70 calories per slice!


Chili’s has many vegetarian dishes on their menu to choose from, including several salads which can be made without meat. If you want a burger but want to make sure it doesn’t contain gluten then opt for the restaurant’s black bean burger.


Gluten-free fast food has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the last decade. This is largely due to an increase in gluten sensitivities and celiac disease diagnoses, as well as increased awareness of the health benefits of whole grains. The gluten-free fast food spots that we mentioned are some popular restaurants where you can enjoy the food of your preferences.

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