Pillsbury Sugar Free Cake Mix Review

pillsbury sugar free cake mixes

Pillsbury Sugar Free Cake Mixes has been the standard in bakery and cookware for many years, so you may think they are the only type that’s out there. Well, you would be wrong! They do make some other varieties, such as Honeywell, Popcorn and Dell. But, these particular ones are definitely limited in terms of carbs and sugars. This is because they all use real sugar as an ingredient in the making of their recipes.

An Overview

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It just so happens that I was looking over some pictures of pastries from the site that I belong to one day and looked at the pictures of the Pillsbury Sugar Free Cake Mix that they make. So, I quickly went to my computer and went to their website and purchased a few boxes to see if they were any of the better brands out there. I also wanted to see what kind of prices they had for their product, which by the way, was pretty inexpensive. Here’s what I found.

The Packaging

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The package that I got had 14 boxes. Out of those 14 boxes, 6 were filled with Pillsbury Sugar Free Cake Mix. There was one in each box and they all ranged in price from around $4.00 a box to over $7.00. Out of those, I was able to find only one that was indeed real cake mix, but there were quite a few others that looked similar. To me though, the real cake was in the last one that I bought.

It turned out that the cheapest one I bought was the one with the real cake in it. It cost me only $4.00. On top of that, there were no sugar alcohols or sugar substitutes in this one. The other six I found that contained sugar alcohols or sugar substitutes.

The Ingredients

The first that I checked out that contained sugar was the Farm Kids line. My little girl is a member of our local Farm Kids Club, and on her birthday, she and her friends were excited to go and get their hands on Farm Kids Popsicle Molds. As fun as it sounds, they soon discovered that the only way to have the Farm Kids Popsicle Molds they wanted was by buying them in the store. They actually had to pay at least two dollars for every mold they wanted. So my daughter and her friends were left with nothing but the sugar free pudding mixes in their box, which cost them over two dollars each!

When looking for Farm Kids Popsicle Molds, I decided to look for the real thing. I’m not sure what I found about the real cake mixes, but it wasn’t good. The colors were off, the flavors were off, and there were too many artificial preservatives and colors. I’m a real cake person and I don’t like my food to taste like sugar, but this stuff had a strange taste.

The Making Process

When looking for more info about the product, I came across information about how the makers of the cake mix made their own sugar alcohols. This gave me another reason to stay away from the Farm Kids brand. There are real sugar alcohols, which come from an agricultural source, but the makers use the cheaper substitute. It probably costs them less to use these substitutes, because it costs less to produce them, but the taste is horrible.


After doing my own research, I decided that the best place to find more information about Farm Kids Popsicle Molds was on the internet. There are websites for just about everything these days, including free recipes, sugar free cake mixes, and so much more. I joined several sites, and when I looked back, the information I got was more than I could believe. I joined several forums and got more recipes and tips than I could even write here, and now I have my farm kids creations frozen in my freezer for whenever my family is over!

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