Lollipop Stand Candy Display Holder

Lollipop Stand Candy Display Holder

Growing up, we all have savored over candies. The colorful, bright, sugary pops are so pleasing to munch on. The kid in us somewhere still hunt for popping one into mouth whenever possible. Parents will also agree with the fact that their children love having lollipop candies.  In the case of their birthday or children’s event is on the way, the lollipop stand candy display holder can gather so much attention. An impressive candy display will surely make the party attending. Here is a detailed writeup on the lollipop candy display holder for making your investments worth it.

Lollipop Stand Candy Display Holder

Lollipop Stand Candy Display Holder
Lollipop Stand Candy Display Holder

The candy display holder is a simple yet attractive way to advertise candy collections. The can holder is all you need to attract children in your cake shop, candy store or children day party. We understand that parents are too concerned about their toddler’s health. But, occasional treats doesn’t harm as much.

The lollipop candy display holder is designed with innovation. The punched holes hold on to candies, one at a time. Each of them gets a clear projection as a result of the design of the holder.

Package Content Of Lollipop Stand

The lollipop candy display holder is readily available online on leading stores. Here is what you get delivered with.

A lollipop candy display holder made of plexiglass. Also, known as an acrylic material, the candy holder comes transparent.

The candy holder weighs less than  20 grams. Extremely lightweight to carry anywhere with ease.

The pack contains one candy holder that comes in disassembled form. The buyer needs to assemble it. In no time, the lollipop holder stands upright with a capacity of holding twenty candies at one time.

The product can be the star of any children’s celebration with no hassle. Get one and see the magic happen.

Product Specifications

With three tire candy display holder, displaying pop candies became easy. Three ample size plates are attached to racks. 

Available in different sizes, the lollipop candy display holder can grab more twenty to forty plus candies. 

Excellent quality plexiglass ensures product durability for long term usage. 

Lightweight yet big, the plexiglass candy holder can be dismantled and carried anywhere with ease.

 Three different round plates in the candy holder come in three different sizes. The most extensive base holds up to twelve candies.

Middle and top tires jointly display the right candies. A total of twenty candies is easily and attractively displayed on the lollipop candy display holder.

Transparency of the product allows all candies to be displayed with ease. The flavors of the lollipops are easily readable and thus easy to choose from.


Cakeshop use

The lollipop candy display holder can be a great option if you own a cake shop. Easy candy display attracts buyers and also adds up to your shop’s indoor vibrancy. 

Party Use

Be it any fun party for children. The candy holder has got your back. Place it as a centerpiece on a platform and a little decoration. The best child attraction is ready in simple steps.

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