Know More About The Sugar-Free Biscuits

About The Sugar-Free Biscuits

 Sugar-Free biscuits are a healthy way of snacking. It contains high fiber and is cholesterol-free and also sugar-free. Many sugar-free digestive cookies are made with coarse brown wheat flour, which gives it an excellent distinctive taste and also texture.

There are many companies that are manufacturing sugar-free biscuits using artificial sugar.  But are these biscuits sugar-free!! The truth in the front label of a product can be deceptive. These biscuits contain ingredients like refined flour, artificial sugar, artificial colors, flavors, and Also antioxidants, emulsifiers that are not at all good for a healthy living. Furthermore, if one is looking for weight loss or want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, one should know the best biscuits available in the market.

About The Sugar-Free Biscuits

Health Benefits Of Sugar-Free Diet

Sugar-free means cutting the intake of sugar in the diet. It can be natural sugar that fruits and vegetables provide or can also be artificial sugar. Artificial sugar is made using chemicals. Hence, it is hazardous for the body. Artificial sugar intake increases calories, which increases weight. Some health conditions due to excessive consumption of sugar are obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and dental plaque and cavities. Low sugar intake can solve these health issues.

 Healthy Sugar Free Biscuits

Grainny’s and Early Foods are two companies, which use natural ingredients like whole wheat, jaggery, rock salt, cold-pressed coconut oil, to make biscuits, which are a healthy option for snacking. They do not use artificial colors, flavors, trans fat preservatives, or any other fillers.

About The Sugar-Free Biscuits
About The Sugar-Free Biscuits

Unhealthy Sugar-Free Biscuits

  • Digestive Biscuits: Britannia Nutri choice, Sunfeast farm lite digestive oat fiber biscuits, whole wheat biscuits, multigrain crackers are just names that sound very healthy, but in actual they are not.
  • Oat Cookies Are Just A Marketing Gimmick: Oat cookies contain only 1.5% of oats flakes. Nutri choice digestive biscuits contain only 6% of the whole wheat. They contain high % of refined oil and refined flour, which is very unhealthy.
  • Another marketing gimmick is 0% sugar- Biscuitsmay not have white sugar, but they have lots of added artificial sweeteners and other agents like maltodextrin and sucralose. These are all different names of artificial sugar.

Read The Fine Prints Carefully

Companies also have a knowledge of the harmful effects of artificial sweeteners that is the reason these biscuits come with a warning like

  • Contains sucralose
  • Not recommend for children
  • Contains artificial sweeteners

It is shocking how can one believe that anything that is not suitable for children, can be healthy for adults. It is better to eat sugar rather than consuming artificial sweeteners and flavors.


No matter what type of sugar-free biscuits one chooses. But always remember to go through the ingredients and the nutritional information given on the packing. Front labels can be deceptive. For a healthy life, try and not eat biscuits which have a high percentage of refined oil, flour, artificial flavors, fillers, and transfat. Biscuits and cookies with natural ingredients like whole wheat, jaggery, coconut oil are healthy biscuits in real sense.

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