Kids – Eating Candy Can Ruin Their Brains

Kids - Eating Candy Can Ruin Their Brains

Candy is a good thing for children, as long as it’s in moderation. Numerous studies have identified candy consumption as harming children’s brain development. There are many causes of this developmental decrease, but one of the most significant factors has to do with sugar.

Sugar Is Harmful To The Brain 

The amount of sugar that is ingested by our children is an essential factor that has to do with the harmful effects that sugary candy has on their developing brains. A regular dose of sugar has proven to decrease children’s ability to learn and develop, as well as make them less able to make decisions that will help them grow into adults.

Attention Deficit Disorder Or Obesity 

Consuming candy while they are young will cause a severe decline in their ability to make healthy decisions. As they get older, there is a much higher chance that they will begin making poor choices for their health. While children who consume large amounts of sugar have a much higher risk of suffering from obesity and other diseases later in life, children who start consuming sweets before the age of three are twice as likely to suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD.

Kids - Eating Candy Can Ruin Their Brains
Kids – Eating Candy Can Ruin Their Brains

Sweet Tooth Has Potential To Damage The Brain

Developing a sweet tooth at a very young age has severe effects on children’s brains. When the sweet taste is something that they are not used to, the brain does not recognize it as a potential danger, so instead, the brain treats it as a pleasure, which the brain reacts to as a “reward.”

However, the fact is that the brain does not distinguish between real pleasure and false pleasure. That is why so many people continue to eat those foods that they associate with happiness and joy. That is what the brain continues to feed on, rather than real joy and happiness.

You can imagine what this does to the children who are many times the victims of these sweet addicts. To compensate for their inability to process a pleasure and determine whether it is real or not, the addiction to candy can only solve by making them learn to find their desires in life.

Teach Children The Harmful Effects Of Candy 

The best way to teach your child how to define between what is right and what is wrong pleasure is to let them know what’s in candy, as well as the many dangers that are inherent in their consumption. Children need to know what it is like to be in control of their bodies, and the first step is teaching them what is in candy, as well as knowing the various chemicals that are in candy.

Kids - Eating Candy Can Ruin Their Brains
Kids – Eating Candy Can Ruin Their Brains

If you are willing to do this, you will be showing your child that there are certain types of candy that they need to stay away from. When they are younger, candy is often a treat to get them to eat healthier food, and so you should be careful to tell them that certain kinds of candy are wrong for them.

Choice Of Candy

Another issue that arises when children are given a choice in candy consumption is the long term effects that it has on their health. When a child is growing up in an environment where candy is everywhere, and the candy is readily available, they are going to take that to mean that they will be consuming more of it as they get older.

It is a bad thing because the harmful effects of sugar will become even more pronounced in the long run. As these children mature into adults, they will find that their IQ is not as high as it was as a child, and as a result, their life will riddle with the disease, disease caused by eating so much candy.

Prevention Needed

To prevent this, you should use these foods as a reward, a sign that you are doing something good for your child, and as you allow them to experience the pleasures of real food, you will be allowing them to enjoy their brain function in the most natural way possible. These are foods that they are going to crave, and in time they will come to enjoy them.

Don’t allow your child to consume all this candy without you knowing about it. Teach them where you can get candy, and if you do, how to keep it out of reach of those with an addictive craving for candy.

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