How To Make Sugar Free Chocolate Cupcakes

sugar free chocolate cupcakes

Did you know that sugar-free chocolate cupcakes can actually be healthy for you? There are many who have this misconception that these are unhealthy food items which should be avoided at all costs. On the contrary, these sugar free chocolate cupcakes made without any sugar are healthier than their regular counterparts. These sugar free desserts are naturally moist and deliciously sweet and made without any artificial sweeteners.

These sugar free chocolate cupcakes recipes are absolutely perfect and simple for people who are on diets. It is because they are low in carbohydrate content and can help you keep your blood sugar level stable even if you have a diabetic diet. If you happen to be a sugar eater, then also these cupcakes will make a great dessert choice for you. As you can see, there are no bad options when it comes to baking these cupcakes.

Easily Be Made At Home

Sugar free chocolate cupcakes recipe can easily be made at home if you have a good processor, preferably a high quality one with a whisk, a grinder and a pastry chopper. However, before you go about this type of recipe, you need to ensure that the ingredients used for the recipe are sugar free. This is because when you use all types of sugar, the gluten enzyme present in the flour will be destroyed and that will lead to the formation of flour spots on the inside of the cupcake. In order to avoid the occurrence of this type of problem while making this type of recipe, simply choose a flour which is made from all natural ingredients. This is so because organic flour is not made using any form of grain or cereals, but all natural ingredients.

For this sugar free chocolate cupcakes recipe, all you need are three types of chocolate: dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate and mint chocolate. All these different types of chocolates have their own distinct characteristics and flavors and taste. All these come in many different flavors and textures, each one having its own benefits and pitfalls. If you want to enjoy delicious cupcakes without having to worry about their sugar content, all you need to do is use unsweetened chocolate bars. These come in handy as an alternative to the real stuff.

Add Some Lemon Juice

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For making sugar free chocolate cupcakes, you will also need to add some lemon juice to the batter. This helps in making the cupcakes tender and moist so that they don’t turn out heavy when taken from the oven. You can also beat the eggs in the mixer before adding them into the batter. Beat the yolks till they are no longer lumpy and then beat them lightly with a fork into the batter.

Another secret ingredient that can make your sugar free chocolate cupcakes taste deliciously sweet is the addition of keto cream. Keto cream is basically a milk-based cream that helps in giving the cake a low dairy content. The idea behind using this ingredient is that it will thicken the batter and therefore make it less sweet. All you need to do is test the recipe and make sure that you do not overdo it by adding too much cream.

A Regular Oven

To get these cupcakes in shape, you will need to first of all bake the cupcake in a regular oven at a temperature of around 23 degrees Celsius. Once the cupcake comes out clean from all the baking, place it in the refrigerator for an additional half an hour. Once it has cooled down enough, you can now use a silicone mould for forming it.

Using the silicone mould, cover the base of the cupcake with the silicone sealer and then flatten the chocolate so that it forms a round disc. Place this disc in the fridge for about an hour so that the chocolate hardens and comes out of the mould.


Once the cupcakes have cooled down completely, you can now cut them into the sizes that you desire. You can also design these sugar free chocolate cupcakes according to your tastes. For instance, you can make these cupcakes in different sizes and shapes like cupcake rings, triangles, round discs or whatever else you may fancy. These sugar free cupcakes can be decorated in many ways and are especially popular because of their customization features. You can now also experiment with different types of frosting so that you get the cupcakes that are uniquely yours. A lot of these recipes give you the freedom to choose from chocolate balls, candy fingers, fondant, pudding mix, gelatin or pate.

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