How to Find Sugar Free Pineapple Cake

sugar free pineapple cake

Sugar Free Pineapple desserts are making an incredible comeback in popularity. This is because more people, including children, are becoming aware of the dangers of artificial sweeteners and want to cut down on their consumption. There is also a rising awareness among parents about what good (or bad) ingredients are in regular store-bought desserts. Let’s take a look at one sugar free frozen dessert that just might turn you into a sugar free fan.

Famous Brands 

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The famous Green Mountain Candy Company has introduced the sugar free version of their popular original dessert. They have been selling the original flavor for years but have recently introduced this version. Sugar Free Frozen Desserts is often reluctantly offering the more extreme, sugar free version of their most popular desert. Don’t pass it up – buy the 97 cents Green Mountain Sugar Free Pineapple Cake Packs Of 2 right now!

As far as recipes go, the Green Mountain dessert doesn’t get much simpler than the original. Just add fruit, mix in a little extra sugar (to make it less sticky), and you have a delectable treat. Just imagine being able to eat dessert for the rest of the month without having to worry about developing any sugar related disorders! No doubt the hardest part of trying to maintain a sugar-free diet is avoiding the seemingly endless amounts of desserts you would normally eat. A delicious dessert like this one could be just what you need to break your sugar addiction.

Best Feature 

banana cake

This particular pineapple cake is considered to be a traditional summer dessert by many people. It is served with many different types of fresh fruit topping’s and is often mixed with some canned fruit juice. One easy way to make the cake even tastier is to add a little water to the recipe to make it moreish. If you are serving it to a child, ask them to eat more, or substitute water for juice.

There are many places that sell this type of dessert for those who are trying to stay on a sugar free diet. However, the price tag can start to become a bit high. When searching online, be sure to search for a “no sugar added” version of the desert. Many stores and restaurants will have this version available, and it will likely be less expensive than purchasing the “no sugar” version of the cake at the store.

While searching online, be sure to find a bakery that offers sugar free desserts. You can oftentimes find websites that have multiple recipes for you to choose from. These recipes will allow you to still enjoy your favorite cake without having to worry about accidentally adding sugar to it. This will allow you to still feed your sweet tooth and hopefully keep your family members on a sugar free diet!

There is nothing more wonderful than finding a great recipe for a fruit cake. When preparing your “no sugar added ” pineapple, try to find a recipe that uses pineapple with a lot of brown spots on it. Apples will usually have very little browning to them when they are picked. This will help add some delicious color to your pineapple dessert.

Healthy One 

A “no sugar added” cake does not always have to be healthy. Sometimes sugar free fruit cakes are healthier than traditional ones. In order to make sure that you are getting as much nutrition as you would like in your dessert, check the ingredients list for sugar. Most of the time, if the recipe asks for sugar, it will be listed as “no sugar added”.

Another great “no sugar added” dessert that is not just sugar free is the traditional apple cake. This can be made in many different ways and can even be spiced up with some cinnamon. When making your pineapple cake this way, it is important not to use real pineapple. Apples will tend to be too much of a dessert for the taste of the fruit.

The easiest way to prepare a no sugar added cake is to add fruit to the cake batter before you begin working it. This will add some natural sweetness to the cake. Another option for adding fruit to the cake is to buy fresh pineapple slices and roll them in a pastry shell before placing them on the cake. This allows the natural flavor of the fruit to come through.


Finding sugar free desserts does not have to be a painstaking task. With a little help from your local grocery store or online, you will find what you need without having to miss out on all the fun foods that sugar free offers have to offer. In addition to not having to worry about blood sugar related issues, you will also find other great benefits by having no sugar added to a dessert. You can still eat all the dessert you want and not have to worry about getting hungry throughout the day. Sugar free can also help you avoid consuming unhealthy desserts such as white bread and cupcakes, which are packed full of sugar.

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