How Does Sugar Make Free Pudding?

How Does Sugar Make Free Pudding?

Sugar is the secret ingredient that makes Free Pudding possible. Free Pudding is made with ice and a double dose of sugar, allowing it to be both sweet and cold, while still keeping the essential freshness of fruit that no ice can achieve. In this article, I want to take a look at how sugar transforms ice into free pudding.

Sugar Is Almost In Everything

How Does Sugar Make Free Pudding?
How Does Sugar Make Free Pudding?

Sugar is in almost everything, but it’s rarely added to fruit. You’ll rarely find any fruit that’s not sweetened with some form of sugar. After the sugar has had time to be dissolved by heat, it crystallizes. Now, it’s the crystallization that gives most of its flavor. Sugar makes nearly everything taste better.

What the sugar does, in this case, is heat the liquid inside the fruit, turning it into a vapor that then enters the mixture when the high heat cooks it up. As a result, the crystals begin to dissolve, allowing the air to come into contact with the sugars, which cause the crystals to fall out.

Knowing What Sugar To Use

How Does Sugar Make Free Pudding?
How Does Sugar Make Free Pudding?

The trick is knowing what sugar to use. Because there are so many different types of sugar, I’ve found it easiest to use the granulated kind. It has much more natural sweetness than other forms of sugar. That doesn’t mean that you should use it only when it’s included in the recipe.

If you’re using a frozen drink that’s been reduced into a syrup, or a flavor-infused mix, for example, use the real thing. It will bring out more of the natural flavor than sugar alone.

Making Free Pudding Is About Balance

Making Free Pudding is all about a balance. The right amount of liquid can add an incredible amount of depth to a recipe. But too much will turn your recipes dry. You want it to be so flavorful that the majority of the ingredients in your dessert aren’t even noticeable.

Add enough to make the ice and the mixture deep, dark brown. When they’re rich and dark, they add depth to the pudding as well as add an intense aroma to the dessert.

Adding Sugar To Free Pudding Adds Flavour To It

You can also add real simple sugar to Free Pudding to add flavor. Sugar adds a warm sweetness that’s easy to detect. Not only is it enjoyable, but it’s also a great way to bring out the natural flavor of the fruit.

Use Small Pieces Of Frozen Fruits

As for the frozen fruit itself, you should probably use very small pieces, and a little cooking has softened that. Those little bits can add a nice bit of sweetness to your Free Pudding but won’t add too much weight.

Other additions you might want to consider are nuts, spices, and even vinegar. Anything that will help you add flavor to your ice cream and possibly bring out the more subtle flavors of the fruits will enhance the desserts taste.

Using Strawberries In Free Pudding

When you don’t want sugar, fruit like strawberries will stand out more. And some people like the idea of using ice cream without real fruit in it. It’s an idea that’s as adaptable as any.

Final Words

So, sugar doesn’t make Free Pudding. But it enhances the results of something that has a high sugar content, without adding a lot of additional weight. By having a little fun with the type of fruit and the proportions, you can transform something that tastes like a cake into something that you enjoy every single time.

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