Healthiest Candy Choices – What Are the Most Healthiest Candies

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Candy bars are one of America’s favorite sweets. Many people tend to overlook the healthiness of candies when choosing them for their desserts and snacks. Some of the highest rated candy bars are Dove’s Nutrageous Energy Bar and Hershey’s Nutro Bars. These bars not only taste good but also provide the body with essential nutrients and vitamins.

Kit Kat Bars are probably the healthiest candy bars, probably because of the way the main ingredient, a high quality wafer, is so thin. And since you’re fortunate enough to have this healthiest candy in the world, you can get yourself one of the thousand different flavors of Kit Kat’s out there. If you find yourself craving sugar quickly, consider having a Kit Kat between meals or having a Kit Kat bar after dinner. This little candy bar has only 0.5 grams of sugar, so it will still leave you satisfied without packing on those pounds of fat.

An Overview

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Snickers is another really great candy that’s not only healthy, but tastes good too. There’s even a slice of dark chocolate, which is what they actually deliver – no added sugar. All you have to do to have this sweet treat is dip a stick of chocolate in some melted non-fat butter. You may be surprised at how healthy Snickers really is. As an added bonus, you’ll also get a handful of nuts. If you love nuts, this would make a great after dinner treat.

Hershey’s Nutro Bars are probably the most popular sweet snack in the world. They have a special place in many people’s hearts, which is probably why Hershey’s sells more candy than anyone else. The secret of their success is in the ingredients. Each bar has only fourteen grams of sugar, which is the minimum amount of added sugar a candy bar should have. That makes them one of the healthiest candy bars because they only have about two grams of fat in each serving.

Healthiest Candy Choices

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If you have a sweet tooth, Ghirardelli Blueberry Gelato would be a better choice than Big Tag. It has less sugar and fewer calories than the other versions of this candies. You can choose to add healthy ingredients, like crushed strawberries or raspberries to reduce the amount of calories. Another thing to consider is the flavor. Many times sweets have a delicious flavor, but when you add other unhealthy ingredients, like sugar or hydrogenated oils, it loses a lot of its appeal.

If you’re a lover of jelly beans, you might want to try a diet version of jelly beans as a healthier alternative to sugary jelly beans. There’s a version of this sweetened with maple syrup, which is a better choice than the artificial sweeteners found in regular jelly beans. There are also versions that don’t contain artificial sweeteners and are more like the real thing.

These six healthiest candy options are a better choice than the traditional candy because they are more natural and organic, and therefore don’t contain any artificial sweeteners. They are also much better for your body and taste much better as well. If you eat a lot of sugary foods, it might be time to try one of these healthier alternatives.

You have chocolate and milk chocolate bars to choose from. Both of these types of candy bars contain lots of sugar. While milk chocolate has almost twice the calories per serving as traditional chocolate, milk chocolate bars usually have only 30% of the calories. That’s better for your body than the other types of chocolate bars. However, milk chocolate also has less healthy ingredients. For example, it has more sugar than most other varieties of candy bars.

Bottom Line

The third option is caramel candy. This is probably the least healthy of all of the candy bars. Although most caramel candies are not calorie free, the caramel flavor really adds on some extra calories that you’ll just have to eat. In fact, it’s better to avoid the caramel candy altogether. You can substitute it for a few other varieties, such as nuts or granola.

The last of the healthiest candies are the sugar free hard candy. These types of candies are usually packed full of both sugar and artificial flavors. That’s why they’re not good for you. To avoid the sugar free hard candy, stick with the low-sugar hard candy.

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