Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix – Working On The Healthy Cooking Ideas

gluten free sugar cookie mix

Who does not love a cookie? We all do. We just try to avoid it because it is not healthy to have a cookie regularly but what if we tell you that you can have cookies that are very healthy and yummy at the same time? Yes, you read that right. Gluten free sugar cookie mix is healthy as well as delicious. Most of us know that consuming gluten on a daily basis is not good for our health and can have serious effects on our health in the long run. However, missing out on cookies becomes very difficult so gluten free sugar cookie mix is the best option one can opt for. Learn about the shape, Price, and taste of gluten free sugar cookies, the best brands for gluten free sugar cookies mix, and few tips.

Shape, Price, And Taste Of Gluten Free Sugar Cookies 

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Everything about gluten free sugar cookie mix 

Taste – the taste of gluten free sugar cookie mix is more or less same as other gluten sugar cookie mix

Price – prices however varied from one brand to another. Gluten free mixes were a bit pricy than the ones containing gluten but it is worth it

Shape – the shapes after baking turned out to be pretty good. Although not as perfect as the gluten contained ones but fairly manageable

Best Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix 

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Some of the best gluten free sugar cookie mix are as follows 

1-2-3 Gluten Free – Lindsay’s Lipsmackin’ Sugar cookies baking mix 

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix 

Cherrybrook kitchen 


Mama’s Cookie mix 

Gluten free prairie 

Immaculate Baking – gluten free classic sugar cookie mix 

King Arthur Flour – Gluten free sugar cookie mix 

Pamela’s Sugar cookie mix 

Vitacost gluten free sugar cookie mix 

Tips For Making Gluten Free Sugar Cookies At Home

Here are a few tips for making gluten free sugar cookies at home 

Which flours to use – the best and safe option is to use the recipe ready gluten free flour available in the market or else you can use with a measurement of 1 to 1.

Which flours not to use – the single gluten free flours like coconut or almond flour cannot be swapped with gluten free flour blends 

You must give the dough some time and leave it alone for several hours or overnight 

Use frostings rather than decorating. The frosting makes the cookies taste heavenly.


Gluten-free flour absorbs less moisture compared to regular flour. Like any gluten-free recipe, using the identical amount of flour provided within the recipe is usually recommended, and substitutions are highly discouraged. A diet doesn’t mean you have got to sacrifice taste. Gluten free sugar cookies are perfect for any celebration round the year and in fact, make amazing Christmas cookies! Bake a batch, and you’ll see that they’re the right soft, chewy cookies anyone can enjoy and frost. You don’t have to look for gluten free cookies everywhere when you can just purchase the cookie mix and make easy cookies right at home.

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