Gluten Free Cut Out Sugar Cookies

gluten free cut out sugar cookie recipe

A popular gluten free cut out sugar cookie recipe is one that is very tasty. But if you have Celiac disease, it can be very difficult to enjoy a simple cookie. Because of the high amount of gluten in a typical cookie made with this recipe, the risk of triggering an allergic reaction is very real. The bad news is that many gluten free diet plans are not very well enforced, so your sugar cookie recipe could end up in your trash can instead of being enjoyed. Here are some tips to help ensure your success with this delicious cookie.

Traditional flour can be used but it will most likely be very difficult to digest. It will also most likely give you trouble when baking, as it will clump together and the finished product will not have the fluff and volume of regular flour.

A Health Food Or Baking Supply Store

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Your gluten free flour needs to come from either a health food or baking supply store. This means that you will need to plan ahead and shop in advance. Don’t assume that any flour you happen to run across has gluten free options. You’ll want to ensure that it contains the protein gluten that is in wheat.

Sugar cookie recipes use brown sugar, a very rich ingredient that offers very little flavor improvement. For a more unique taste, try using a raspberry sugar substitute. This gives a lighter touch without sacrificing the rich flavor of the original. It will also add a little bit of a smooth flavor without making the mixture too sweet.

Reducing Your Use Of White Flour

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If you are looking for a way to cut down on your sugar intake, consider reducing your use of white flour. This will help to cut down on your overall sugar intake while still providing the necessary sweetness. You should also consider eliminating any flour that is high in starch. Many gluten free cut out sugar cookie recipes will use a starchy ingredient in the form of oats.

While this may seem like a good idea, it can also make your sugar free sugar cookie recipe take on a bitter taste. Oats are high in starch and will certainly have a high amount of calories. When you go down this road, take the time to read labels and learn exactly what your ingredients contain. High fructose corn syrup and fructose are commonly found in foods today that are labeled as “baked goods”. Even if they don’t list it on the ingredients list, you should still avoid these products and look for alternatives that use a sugar alternative.

Free From Gluten

There are many different sources for sugar cookie recipes that are free from gluten. You can find many online or in books dedicated to the gluten-free diet. Another great place to find recipes of this nature is in your local health food store. There are usually several options available for those on the go or simply want to save time and money.

As you can see, there is no shortage of ideas when it comes to creating sugar free sugar cookie recipes. Take the time to explore and you will likely find several that fit into your lifestyle. By cutting back on your sugar intake while still enjoying a delicious dessert you can feel better about eating sugar free foods in the future.

Avoid Processed Sugar When Possible

It’s really important to avoid processed sugar when possible. There are alternatives such as using xylitol instead of sugar. Xylitol is a natural alternative to sugar that is derived from tree bark. Both sources are less harmful than regular sugar. You will also discover that you don’t get as much sweetness out of some gluten free desserts as you may from others.

One other interesting option is to make your own sugar cookies. There are a number of different recipes out there on the internet. One method is to grate nuts and mix them with the butter. You can also add in some brown sugar and cinnamon for a sweet cinnamon flavor. For a nutty flavor, try grilling chips and adding a little nutmeg and cinnamon to the mixture. You can then roll them in flour to make them look like regular sugar cookies.

Final Words

If you do choose to make your own gluten free sugar cookies, remember to check the ingredients out before mixing it. Make sure you use a good quality gluten-free flour, sugar and baking powder so that you don’t end up with high sugar concentrations. As long as you use those three ingredients, you should be alright.

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