Get Your Homemade Sugar Free Cake Right

homemade sugar free cake

Out of many ways of making cakes, the most popular these days is the sugar free cake. Reasons can be many. You may look to cut sugar from your diet or there may be some diabetics in your family or you can just be experimenting. Anyway, homemade sugar free cake can be a great idea for a guilt free, festive feast binge.

Alternatives Of Refined Sugar

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There are always alternatives of sugar if you want to make some recipes that are sweet but without the harmful effects of white sugar. However, they may slightly change your traditional recipe, but then the results will be amazing. Look at these alternatives and see which one works the best for you.

Honey Or Jaggery

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You just need to change the quantity of honey you put into your recipe. Honey tops the list of best alternatives because it adds a flavour and colour to the recipe. Honey works best when consumed raw, but it tastes outstanding when cooked. Jaggery can also work well in place of sugar, but you need to pay attention to the amount you put into your batter. Also, jaggery can sometimes change the flavour of your recipe so double-check before you try it.

Fruits and Natural Sweeteners

These are also very cool alternatives for sugar. Banana, pineapple and mango ace the charts. Adding banana adds appropriate sweetness to your cake and never let you miss the refined sugar. Pineapple and mango cakes also taste wonderful and add the required crunch to your dessert.


Stevia is also an excellent choice for those who don’t wish to add sugar. This works wonders for diabetic patients and also it is many times sweeter than refined sugar so you don’t need to put it in large quantities. Stevia comes in many forms, like tablets, powder and liquid. Unprocessed stevia may have some aftertaste, but processed stevia is as good as sugar minus the calories.

Homemade Sugar Free Cake: Conclusion

Baking a sugar free cake can be a wonderful idea on any occasion but then, you will have to consider safer options that don’t mess up your recipe and give your cake the right flavour and taste that it needs. Also, some artificial sweeteners are so rare and expensive that you need to run to the north pole to fetch them. That is not really needed. On a better side, what you can do is instead of making it completely sugar free, reduce the amount of sugar and add some amount of sweetener.

Honestly, sugar free cakes do not taste the same as the cakes with sugar but if you become a pro at using the alternatives, you can create magic with your cakes. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should know the exact quantity that you need to put in your recipe and also you should be aware of the combination of certain sweeteners with the cake flour and other ingredients. Sweeteners won’t disappoint you and you will make a perfect homemade sugar free cake.

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