Famous Gluten Free Rice Brands

gluten free rice

The gluten free diet has become a popular choice for people who have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, a disorder that causes damage to the small intestine and can lead to major health problems. It is estimated that about 1% of the population suffers from this illness. However, many more people are choosing a gluten-free lifestyle because they feel better when they cut out wheat products.

Whole foods such as brown rice, quinoa, and millet offer high-quality protein and essential vitamins and minerals which you may be missing on some other diets. So if you’re looking for an alternative to wheat dishes without sacrificing taste or nutrition, here are some of our favorite gluten-free rice brands:

Ancient Harvest

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Founded in 1985 by members of the Taos Institute, Ancient Harvest is one of the best-known producers of gluten free rice.

The company offers a wide range of products including pastas, hot cereals, and baking mixes that are made from certified organic heirloom quinoa which dates back to pre-Columbian Peru.

You can purchase individual boxes or opt for a monthly subscription plan where they deliver four different kinds of rice and pasta to your door on a regular basis.

King Soba

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This Massachusetts-based company produces gluten free rice noodles as well as rice ramen which is big in Japan but virtually unknown stateside.

They offer both thin noodles great for veggie stir-fry dishes as well as udon noodles designed for soups and stews. King Soba has a loyal following who love the taste of these rice-based products.


Many people are familiar with traditional Japanese food but how many have tried cooking with brown rice vinegar?

This specialty vinegar is made from toasted brown rice, water, and sea salt which gives bold, tangy flavor to marinades, sauces, or dipping dishes. You can use this vinegar for any recipe that calls for white wine or balsamic vinaigrette. The brand’s other well-known product is Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce which adds rich flavor without adding sodium found in regular soy sauce.

All of their products are certified gluten-free so you don’t have to worry about additives or cross-contamination when using these products.

The gluten-free diet offers variety and flexibility to anyone interested in living a healthy lifestyle.

You can find excellent sources of whole grains in rice-based products that are easy for you to prepare, serve and eat. All three brands listed above offer unique flavors that allow you to use them in dishes that don’t just taste like wheat-free imitations of your favorite meals. You can also get creative by making your own gluten-free recipes or combining ingredients from different manufacturers for an exciting new twist on old favorites!


Gluten free rice is made from a variety of grains, beans, and vegetables. When you’re considering which brand to buy, look for ones that are organic or non-GMO certified because they will be healthier and less processed than other brands on the market. We have provided some popular choices here so take your pick!

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