Delicious Cakes With The Least Cake Calories

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Cakes are one dessert that everyone loves and enjoys. A cake is a must for birthdays, new year celebrations, festivals, or any other occasion. However, cakes are not good for health due to the extra calories in them. It’s loaded with sugar and cream which makes it unhealthy and can even lead to problems like diabetes. So, what should be the right thing to do? We cannot avoid cake entirely. But we can switch it with healthier options. Multiple kinds of low-calorie cakes are made that don’t compromise on taste either. All that one needs is the right knowledge which is given below. 

Why You Should Go For Sponge, Pound, And Angel Food Cake?

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If it’s about the lowest calorie count then no cake can be compared to sponge cake, pound cake, and angel food cake. All are amazing in taste, texture, and fragrance and the best part is that they are safe. These light, fluffy, and soft cakes will surely fulfill your sweet cravings. Eating a piece of sponge cake gives only 110 calories while pound cake and angel food cake have 109 and 72 calories respectively. The calorie count is quite low compared to other cake options such as chocolate cake or cheesecake. Thus, you won’t regret getting one of these. 

Why Carrot Cake May Be A Good Cake Option As Well?

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For those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth, a carrot cake might be another good pick. It’s indeed loaded with sugar and carbohydrates but its primary ingredient, carrot, makes it different from the rest of the cakes. Carrot cake is rich in the goodness of carrot. Carrots have a high amount of calcium, vitamin A, iron, manganese, magnesium, vitamin C, and E. This is a healthy veggie and picking a cake made out of it is one decent choice. But do remember the frosting. Carrot cake with frosting is more than 300 calories while without frosting it is about 200 calories. 

What Are The Best Health Alternatives In Case One Doesn’t Want A Cake?

If you don’t want a cake then try treats like muffins since they are smaller in size and have comparatively less sugar. There are muffins recipes that include healthy ingredients such as pineapple, lemon, carrots, nuts, and so on. Similarly, you can try brownies, cinnamon rolls, cream puffs, or pies to end sweet cravings. 


Find out which cake you should pick next time. Here are some low-calorie cakes that are healthy and delicious at the same time. Piece of pound cake and sponge cake both have around 110 calories which are lower than any chocolate frosting cake or cheesecake. In case you want to cut even more calories, angel food cake is your calling. Carrot cakes are good too but the additional layer called icing or frosting turns cakes into more unhealthy ones. So, it’s best to avoid carrot cakes with icing. 

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