Benefits of Sugar Free Cake Mixtures

sugar free cake pops

While sugar free cake pops can be purchased in flavors like ice cream and chocolate, it is the cake pops that actually contain no sugar at all, which are the hardest to find. There are three main manufacturers of this type of product and they are Hanes, Dairy Queen and Kleger.

The first step to making these cakes is to use a dessert mix that is made without sugar. You can usually tell if it contains sugar because it will typically have a sweetener such as browned butter or cream powder in it. These types of cake mixes are available at any grocery store and most major grocery stores carry them. In addition, you may be able to find them online and in some cases, they are carried at small specialty shops. The best place to shop for this type of cake mix is at a place where you can get a bulk order for it since the price will be cheaper than buying individual pieces.

Setting The Cake Mix

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Next you will need to gather some items to make your own cake mix. In this case you should have at least two different types of cake mix because one that contains sugar and the other doesn’t. If possible, you should also have unsweetened applesauce or yogurt with your cake mix so that the cake pop can be topped with a layer of smooth sugar. On the other hand, you can also let dry dessert mix sit around and harden while you make your own cake mix because the hardening tends to make the cake mix sticky.

After you have made your own sugar free cake mix you should let it sit around to completely dry before you try to put it in the pan or individual cupcake molds. After the dry mix is ready, you can then use a tablespoon of water to make your mixture hot. Once you have done so you should spray a non-stick spray on the pan so that the pan will not stick. You should also spray the cupcake molds with a non-stick spray so that the cupcakes will not stick. When it comes to the time for the cake to come out of the oven, you should take it out as quickly as possible so that the sugar doesn’t cook.

About Sugar Free Pops

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Sugar free cake pops are just like regular cake pops but they don’t contain any sugar. Instead, they have no sugar, no fat, no calories and no flour. The only ingredients that are found are the chocolate and vanilla flavors that are usually combined in the batter. As you can see, there are some big benefits when you make your own sugar free cake mix.

One of the biggest problems that people who have diabetes have is that they need to watch their blood sugar levels because they can become extremely dangerous. Since sugar is a main ingredient in a sugar free cake mix, having to check your sugar levels throughout the day can be extremely stressful and even dangerous. If you have diabetes or a blood sugar condition, then making your own sugar free cake mix will help keep your blood sugar in check.

Cost Effective

Another great benefit of making your own sugar free cake mixes is the cost. It is usually quite inexpensive. You can even purchase it online. Even though you may have to pay a little bit extra for the sugar free cake mix, it is well worth it. There are sugar free cake mixes that are made with high quality ingredients that are going to cost you a lot more than the ones that are made with less quality ingredients. The best thing about it is that you can still taste the delicious cake mix without having to worry about harming your health.


The last benefit of making your own sugar free cake mixes is that it will give you the freedom to choose what flavors you want to add to it. If you always have an allergic reaction to one particular flavor of cake, then you may not be able to eat it all of the time. If you try to make your own sugar free cake mixes, then you can choose to do any flavor you want. It also gives you a chance to try new flavors that you may have never tried before. So if you have been putting off trying one of these cakes, then take a chance and see how well it goes.

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