A Chocolate Birthday Cake Recipe That’s Both Classic and Fun

A chocolate birthday cake with lit candles

The chocolate birthday cake has been around for thousands of years. In the 1500’s it became very popular in England, as chocolate was introduced there. The Dutch also loved chocolate, and their people were known to be very extravagant. As more was learned about chocolate, it became more popular throughout Europe. Chocolate gifts were very common during these times, and many presents were wrapped in chocolate for the person who got them.

The first chocolate birthday cake was usually a moist chocolate cake covered in chocolate frosting. The icing on these cakes was very thick, and the chocolate frosting was very rich. These cakes usually took an hour to bake, as the chocolate had to stay melted while it sat on top of the cake. Many a child’s hearts would beat a little faster when they saw this. Second birthdays were especially joyous because of this tradition.

Chocolate Birthday Cake

A birthday cake with lit candles

In today’s world, the chocolate birthday cake is often made with milk and butter, along with powdered sugar. The most common mixers for these types of cakes are either cream or milk, powdered sugar, and vanilla. For the past several decades, however, powdered sugar has replaced cream or milk. This powder is usually a combination of cocoa and hydrogenated vegetable fats (oil). Also, powdered sugar can be mixed with cool whip or ice cream to create a smooth frosting that does not melt away into the center of the cake.

Some of the more complicated chocolate birthday cake recipes involve ganache. Ganache is a mixture of chocolate and cream cheese, which is decorated with bits of candies, nuts, or other items. The more chocolate used, the richer the ganache will be. Most ganache recipes call for cold cream, but some are made with other types of milk, cream substitutes, or sugar. If you cannot find chocolate whipped cream, simply substitute frozen cream.

A chocolate birthday cake recipe can also use candy gum or sprinkles in its decoration. You can use these items in place of graham crackers or cookies. You do have the option of using any type of chocolate you like, such as dark chocolate, white chocolate, or mint. Another simple chocolate cake recipe is to bake the cake and then scrape off the insides before placing it on the sheet. It makes the inside of the cake look just as good as if it were a cake made with graham crackers.

A Much Ado On Chocolate Birthday Cake

A close up of a wedding cake

When you want a special birthday surprise for a young lady, consider something different than a chocolate cake. For example, you could prepare a chocolate ice cream cake, which is very easy to make. All you need for this recipe is chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream, and a food processor. Mix all the ingredients together and let it cool before you add the ice cream mixture to the other ingredients. Use a chocolate mold if you want to decorate the finished dessert. Some of the more elaborate chocolate cake recipes include small flowers cut out of chocolate frosting and chocolate fondue.

You may also consider making your own chocolate fondue, which is also very simple to do. You’ll need buttermilk, chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream, buttermilk gloves (to dip the ingredients in the buttermilk), and food coloring. Mix all the ingredients together and allow it to cool until it’s completely liquid. You can strain it from cheesecloth or use a rubber band to seal the mixture.

Bottom Line 

If you’re going the route of buttermilk chocolate fondue, you can either melt your own buttermilk or purchase it at a restaurant. You can also buy pre-made buttermilk chocolate fondue sauce. Once you’ve made your own chocolate fondue, you can decorate it however you wish, since it tastes so much better when it’s decorated. Chocolate cake pans make cleaning up easier, as well as helping to prevent bacteria and other harmful items from sticking to the pan.

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