7pcs Food Containers Meal Portion Prep – Effective Diet Maintenance

7pcs Food Containers Meal Portion Prep – Effective Diet Maintenance

        Do you want to spread the charm of your personality in every function, party, or event? You are going to fix every issue related to your health and problems. 7pcs food containers meal brings a great special diet deal for the fitness conscious people. The human body needs nutrients to be healthy and fit. Excess of anything is harmful to health. Inherit the right eating habits with a measurable proportion with these containers. 

        Containers are in bright colors and easy to differentiate the meal nutrients. Now an individual does not have to take time out for measuring the per day calorie intake. The meal containers are the perfect guide for the number of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat you should take per day. You can maintain the ideal body with the perfect weight and keep yourself away from any health issue. 

7pcs Food Containers Meal Portion Prep

      The colorful boxes also have the top lid to cover the box and the food. An individual can carry these boxes in their usual carry bags too. The person can efficiently and effectively lose weight without extra effort. It is easy for you to keep a check on your health with this meal portion guide. Serve yourself with healthy food and the right amount of nutrients. Many people do not know the correct quantity of nutrients to take for staying healthy. Plastic containers are lightweight and washable. You can use it daily or according to your needs. It is for multipurpose use, and you can keep spices also for temporary use while cooking. 


      Advance features of the product and its usefulness will blow your mind. The color codes of the boxes with labels will prevent you from confusion. The green box indicates green leafy vegetables. The red box is for fruits, and the yellow box is for carbohydrates, purple for proteins, and so on. You will get the standard size of the container, and you can maintain your diet irrespective of place. These boxes are best for the small hunger cravings. 

  • These containers are microwaving safe. The high quality of plastic material will be beneficial for health. 
  • The size of the seven boxes matters a lot and their storage capacity. 
  • The size of green and red boxes is 9.3 x 5.8cm (dia) and 3.66” x 2.28”(h) with a storage capacity of 290ml.
  • Purple box has the size measure of about 8 x 5.2cm (dia) with 3.15” x 2.05” (h) stores 250ml
  • Size of orange box is 8 x 4.3cm (dia) and 3.15” x 1.69” (h) with storage 210ml.
  • Blue box has the size of about 6.3 x 4cm (dia) and 2.48” x 1.57” of (h) stores 120ml.
  • The last smallest yellow box has a size of about 5 x 3cm (dia) and 1.97” x 1.18” storage approx 32ml.

     In this way, you have the perfect guidance of the diet meal. If you want to eat in the plates also then you can measure it with the containers and take out on the plate. It is much easier to have the perfect diet and fit body. The healthy body reflects the activeness and personality of the person. 

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